January 25, 2009

Humpty Dumpty

It was an ordinary Sunday morning. PK woke up (6:20am - ugh!) and had her morning feed. She refused to fall back asleep, so we plopped her into her bassinet while we got some sleep. Not that we had a deep sleep or anything, since PK was in a playful mood and spent the next 2 or 3 hours babbling away, saying, "Ahhh...brrrrrrr..." We even heard what sounded like an "Oh, boy!" It was very entertaining to lie in bed and listen to it.

It was close to 9am when PK's playful babbling turned into more of an "I'm wet and hungry!" cry. So the hubby went down to get her bottle and our breakfast ready, and I went up to change her diaper (which smelled quite pooey) and get her out of her sleepers. To get to PK's room from ours, you go up a set of 5 steps to the den, and then up a set of 14 or so steps to get to her room. My mom mockingly calls it Rappunzel's Tower since on the very top floor of our house.

After a quick diaper change and a change into her outfit for the day, we headed back downstairs to my bedroom. I was almost down the steps from the den when I slipped and fell backwards onto my right side. I hit my right ass cheek and hit my right elbow really hard. But worst of all was the fact that PK was in my arms and fell flat on her face on the landing just outside my bedroom door.

I was freaked. PK was crying from the shock of the fall. The hubby rushed out to see what was happening. I handed PK over to him and kept crying, saying that I hadn't been careful and dropped our baby. The hubby tried to console both PK and me. I was in a lot of physical pain, but I was more worried about the munchkin. How badly was she hurt? Did we need to take her to the hospital?

Babies fall all the time. I don't know a single mother who hasn't told me a story about the time that their baby rolled off the bed or something. But it's so much worse when it happens to YOUR baby. I felt like an utter failure as a parent. PK was under MY care, and not only did I drop her, I didn't have the instinct to protect her instead of myself as I fell.

At times like these, I'm terrified of raising a child in our house. The floors are all hard-wood, including the stairs. Each room is on its own floor, which means that we have A LOT of stairs. We have steps leading up to our front door, and more often than not, those steps are covered in ice in the wintertime due to too much snow collecting on the eavestrough and melting under the daytime sun.

The good news is that after a bottle and some cuddling, PK was as happy as a baby can be after taking a fall. Fortunately she didn't fall too far. We've been keeping an eye on her for the last little while, making her stay awake for 2 hours after her fall. She wasn't pleased at all by this, since she hadn't slept since she first woke up from her nighttime sleep. We only let her sleep at 11am, and for only 30 minutes. That seemed to do the trick, since she seems pretty well-rested, chatting up a storm and playing with her buddy, Funky Bear. I think we'll even be able to take her to swimming class today. It will keep her mind distracted, in the very least.

I still feel like crap for having dropped PK, but am RELIEVED that she's okay. I called my mom after her fall and she tried to comfort me by telling me that it couldve happened to anyone. But, as she pointed out, it won't be the last time. After all, kids fall and hurt themselves - it seems to be a universal truth. I just hope that all the king's horses and all the king's men keep putting Humpty together again...
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