January 27, 2009

It's Funnier in French

I want PK to be fluent in French (then I'll finally have someone with whom I can practice!), so I've bought her a ton of French board books. One of the books I read to her often is called "Les chiffres avec les animaux de la ferme", by Melanie Watt (see attached pic). The book lists off x farm animals of a particular type for each number up to 12, along with the sounds they make. For example, "Huit canards. Coin, coin." It's cute because the sounds the animals make are French-sounding. Isn't it funny how a duck sounds different in English and French? ;-)

PK just kept laughing harder and harder as I read her this book. To her, each animal sound was absolutely hillarious! I read her the book again a couple of hours later, and she found it just as funny! I've read this book to her several times before over the past couple of months, but this is the first time that she has ever cracked up over it. Maybe today she decided in her little mind that French animals sound funnier. I wonder if she'll still find it funny tomorrow?


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