January 27, 2009

Post-Fall Update

It has been a little over 2 days since I fell down the stairs with PK in my arms. I am happy to report that PK is doing great. We ended up not going to swimming class on Sunday, however, since she was just too cranky from us not letting her nap much in the morning. We wanted to make sure that she was okay, just in case she had a concussion. We did end up going for a nice walk later in the day, where she got her much-needed nap.

I am relieved that PK isn't showing any physical signs of injury from her fall. I, however, am still recovering from my injuries. As I'd mentioned in my previous post on this subject, I ended up with an injured right butt cheek and an injured right arm. My arm was hurting so badly on Sunday that not even Advil managed to make much of a dent on the pain. Picking anything up proved to be very painful. I was afraid that I'd ended up with a hairline fracture or something. You can imagine just how much it hurt when I tried picking PK up to change her diaper. At least the hubby was around that day to do most of the heavy lifting. Later that day, my neck started hurting. It was a nasty pain - kind of like whiplash.

Thankfullly, the arm pain was pretty much gone by Tuesday, and so was the neck pain and I was back to doing push-ups again. I'm still out of commission for doing chin-ups, however. I did one chin-up today before the pain got to be too much. I guess that means I need to lay off that arm for a bit. Bleh.

The physical pain may be gone, but I'm still hurting on the inside. I still can't believe that I dropped her. I feel so bad. Every teeny bit of crankiness on her part now worries me. I keep wondering if it's not a result of her fall. Everyone assures me that she's perfectly fine, and that her crankiness is just part of her usual self. They're all right, of course, but they're not the ones who dropped her. I'm sure I'll get over this eventually. Not that this is a perfect analogy or anything, but I guess it's kind of like getting the first scratch on your new car. You freak out at first, but subsequent scratches don't hurt nearly as much. I hope...

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