January 27, 2009

Silent But Deadly

PK took a wonderful little nap in my arms this afternoon. Except that when she woke up she was MORTIFIED. I think that maybe her left arm fell asleep as she was cuddled up to me. I managed to finally calm her down by turning on her bunny mobile. She LOVES those bunnies! After a diaper change, we played for a bit and then she had another melt-down.

Her next bottle wasn't due for anothe 30 minutes, but I got it anyway because she had that desperate hunger cry. It just breaks my heart when I hear it. She took to her bottle really well and gulped it down within 10 minutes. She was in a MUCH better mood. As I put her down on her mat, I caught a whiff of some nastiness. Was it a very smelly fart, or was it a poop?

Whatever it was, it explained her crankiness, and her subsequent calmness. It turned out to be a stealth poop. Silent, but deadly.
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