January 2, 2009

Stroller Fun

Two weeks ago, we had a NASTY snow storm in Toronto. To make a long story short (especially since I've already written about this), I couldn't go outside because our little Bugaboo Bee's wheels can't handle that amount of snow. Even getting out the day after the storm proved to be a challenge. The wheels got gunked up with snow and the stroller barely moved forward.

The Bee has been a great city stroller so far (subway-friendly!), and has lived up to our expectations. It is compact, light-weight, and folds up all in one piece. At the same time, we weren't entirely surprised that it performed poorly in the snow. We pretty much knew that snow would be the Bee's Achilles Heel, but bought it anyway. We told ourselves when we bought it that we might also have to buy a winter stroller, depending on how the Bee fared in the snow.

Well, that crazy winter storm proved to us that the Bee sucks bananas in the snow. While I didn't mind staying indoors that day, it is nice to have the option of going out. The Bee doesn't give you that option. When you're at home all day taking care of a baby, you need options. So yesterday, we ventured out to our favorite baby store and bought ourselves a Bugaboo Frog. The Frog has 2 big-ass wheels at the back, AND, you can also buy snow wheels to replace the smaller front wheels (same size as the ones on the Bee). The snow wheels are larger than the front wheels that come with the stroller (though not as big as the back wheels), have treads, and don't swivel, so you can just plough through the snow. Just what I need. Since we're probably going to be using the stroller for another 2 winters after this one, we figured that it was a worthwhile investment.

Most people reading this probably have a hard time understanding why we bought one fancy-shmancy stroller, let alone two. I guess it comes down to the fact that there's no one stroller that has everything that we're looking for. My ideal stroller would be pretty much the same as the Bugaboo Bee, except that it would come with swappable wheels so that you could replace the out-of-the-box wheels with big-ass snow wheels for those extra-snowy days. If there is such a stroller out there, let me know! If there is no such stroller out there, Bugaboo engineers, here's your idea for the next-generation Bee. ;-)

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