January 11, 2009

Teething for Real?

PK's cheeks are REALLY REALLY rosy today. I'm told by my mommy friends that the rosy cheeks are a sure-fire sign of teething. The über-drooling, chewing on her fingers and bottle nipple apparently are just pre-teething signs and can manifest themselves months before actual teeth show up. The rosy cheeks, however, (so I'm told) mean that teeth are probably about 2 days away. This may explain why PK has not been fussing over her bottles. The funny thing is that she hasn't really been playing with the bottle nipples in her mouth. Instead, she'd motion for the bottle, and then as soon as I put it in her mouth, she'd take a couple of sips and would promptly spit it out. I guess time will tell. Maybe there will be a post from me two days from now all about PK's teeth.

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