February 27, 2009


Up until last week, we were in the habit of putting PK to bed before we actually sat down to dinner. With PK going to bed anywhere between 8 and 8:30pm, this meant a late dinner, even when all we at were leftovers. On nights when we cook, we don't sit down to dinner until after 10pm. Even though it was a late dinner, it was nice. It was our quiet time, and we'd usually put on some music in the kitchen and play a few games of backgammon before turning in for the night. Unfortunately, eating late just makes me feel icky because it's way too close to bedtime, and plus a slower metabolism at night can promote weight gain.

Now we sit down to dinner anywhere between 6:30pm and 6:45pm, WITH PK. It's a bit hectic because the hubby feeds PK her purée while I eat my food. By the time he starts eating his food, I'm already done eating. Still, it's nice to sit down as a family at the end of the day, and it's nice to eat dinner early. When I was growing up, my family never sat down to a meal together, except when we went out to restaurants. It's all different now that I'm all grown up.

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