February 3, 2009

G-Diaper Update

Locating Medium/Large G-Diaper Refills has continued to be unsuccessful. While we could probably just purchase them online (and likely pay some sort of hefty cross-border tax and/or shipping fee - whee!), I am now a bit weary about the whole thing, after stumbling upon this. Naturally, I take everything that I read on the Internet with a grain of salt, but I daresay that this person's arguments do make sense. Her main points being the following:

1. The Flushable Inserts
- They are made of paper, which comes from trees, which are NOT sustainable (they take 20 years+ before they can be harvested).
- Flushing the inserts down the toilet uses a considerable amount of water. I actually stopped flushing them down the toilet because I felt guilty about wasting that much water with each diaper change. I figured it would eventually end up biodegrading in some landfill anyway. That and I was seriously afraid of clogging up my toilet. I don't clean toilets. If you think I'm joking, one time at my parents' place, the toilet in my bathroom was clogged, and I put a sign on the toilet that said "Out of Order" and called my mom to unclog it.
- They are bleached. Need I say more?

2. The Cotton Pants
- According to the article, the cotton industry uses a ton of pesticides, and according to the author, the G-Diaper folks don't appear to be using any of the organic cotton in their pants.

3. The Nylon Liner
- The author says that the nylon covers stain easily and can't be re-used for that long as a result. I don't really care about that part. Nobody is going to be looking inside PK's nylon covers for pooh stains. I guess the real question is whether or not the nylon covers are made of recycled plastic. I honestly don't know. I'm guessing no, though.

Food for thought, isn't it? Her arguments definitely do make sense.

So it looks like it's back to square one on the diaper thing. Honestly, I've been itching to try the cloth diaper thing. A lot of my mom friends use the G-Diaper covers (cotton pant plus nylon covers) and just insert a regular cloth diaper in lieu of the disposable insert. I've already bought the G-Diaper cotton pants and nylon liners, so I might as well put them to good use. Besides, I figure that as long as it's on a day when PK has already pooped, then we're good to go. She normally poops in the mornings, so it's pretty predictable. Unfortunately, there are days when she either skips a poop, has a late poop, or has a double-poop. I guess the double-poop days would be a little more annoying to deal with, but the no poop or late poop days might just mean we use disposables. Unfortunately, the hubby isn't too keen on the idea of washing our own. I might just go ahead and try this anyway. It's not like he ever does the laundry. Ahahahaha...that'll be the day! And I'm not too keen on the cloth diaper service. Since the diapers are shared, they need to be cleaned with nasty chemicals. That and the fact that there's a guy dropping off new diapers and picking up soiled diapers probably doesn't make this a very environmentally-sustainable option.

For now, however, we are trying a slightly more earth-friendly disposable option by going with Seventh Generation disposable diapers. We actually use many of their products at home: dish soap, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, tissues, and diaper wipes. (Our toilet paper and paper towels are also from green brands, but we don't use the ones from Seventh Generation since they are more expensive.)

Seventh Generation diapers are a little more earth-friendly than say, your Papmpers and Huggies of the world, so I don't feel quite as guilty when using them. That's not to say that they're perfect. They ARE disposables, after all, and they do still use that absorbent gel stuff (BTW, they absorb just as well as Pampers). At the same time, I figure that if I AM going to use disposables, I might as well use these.

We actually did start off on Seventh Generation disposable diapers when PK was born, but then stopped using them when someone bought us a pack of Pampers and we got hooked on those. The fact that they had a high back compared to the Seventh Generation newborn diapers was a big plus, since in those days, PK had massive, runny poops. The Pampers also had a pee indicator on the outside of the diaper, which, to new parents was a huge plus. We've been using Pampers ever since (for nighttime and while we go out - G-Diapers for home use). On another note, Huggies SUCK! They leak out the sides. The hubby got pooped on once when PK was a couple of months old and was wearing newborn Huggies. We soon gave up on those. We decided to try the Seventh Generation disposable diapers again last week. We were running out of Gs and wanted a somewhat eco-friendly alternative for daytime use (we weren't convinced at the time that the Seventh Generation diapers were as absorbent), and that's what got us back on that bandwagon.

One note on the Seventh Generation baby wipes. First off, they are the best diaper wipes we have encountered so far. They aren't totally soaking wet compared to other brands (like Life, Huggies, and even Whole Foods' 365 brand), they are chlorine-free, AND, most importantly, they don't stick to each other when dispensed!!! Yes, it sounds silly, but this is pretty damned important when you want to grab ONE wipe, versus 5 at a time.

So there you have it. My uncensored take on diapers. Hopefully I'll have the guts to go cloth. We'll see how that little experiment goes, if it ever does take off.

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