February 17, 2009

The Wonders of Prune Juice

Although PK LOVES pureed carrots, they made her pretty constipated. Fortunately she didn't end up with hard, dry pooh pellets or anything, but she was definitely having a hard time getting it out. We had to resort to glycerine suppositories a couple of times, and, although they're "natural", they're not exactly a long-term solution to the problem and can cause dependency issues in the long-run.

Enter the prune. Prunes were my best friends during my pregnancy, and now that PK was on solids, I figured that I could get PK started on prunes on Sunday, after we had to use a second glycerine suppository in 3 days. I bought some prunes to puree, but fearing that PK would hate them, I also bought some prune juice to give to her in a bottle. The prune juice in a bottle thing didn't work. She HATED it. The face she made when she tried the prune juice was of absolute disgust. I don't blame her. Prune juice tastes like pooh-barf. I have many traumatic memories of being forced to drink prune juice as a kid. The very thought of it makes me shudder. Bleh!

So what to do? If she didn't like the prune juice, she certainly wouldn't be very sold on pureed prunes. Then the hubby suggested mixing a bit of prune juice in with her pureed food. Well, that certainly did the trick. She didn't notice the pruney flavor in her pureed carrots AND she ended up getting a poop out later. We've been mixing about a half a teaspoonful of prune juice with her pureed food since Sunday, and it works without fail!

Hoorray for prunes in all their disgusting yet powerful might!
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