March 9, 2009

All Good Things Must Come to an End...

PK started sleeping through the night at a very early age - about 2 months. And yes, I do know that the technical definition of her sleeping through the night is 5 or 6 hours straight of sleep. PK sleeping through the night meant 8 to 12 hours of straight sleep. Maybe she slept that long because she was on formula at such an early age. Maybe it's because she's like her dad and loves to sleep. I don't really think it was the formula, because even while she was exclusively breast-fed, she could still sleep 5 hours at a time at night. And remember that I only exclusively breast-fed for about 2 weeks. Anyway, I don't know why she slept for so long, but I counted my blessings. I've heard from many parents who said that their kids wouldn't sleep through the night until they were almost 1, or even later than that. Eeek!

And then PK turned 6 months old, and her nice routine of sleeping for hours on end went to the pooper. It all started after she had her 6-month shots. That was a ROUGH week. It took her about a week to get over the shots. She never had a fever or anything, but she was just in a bad mood all week and had trouble sleeping at night. This was further amplified by the introduction of solids into her diet.

PK has now tried all sorts of different foods, and every time we introduce a new food, it's pretty much a given that she will go between one and two days without a poop - even if we mix prune juice in with her food and her formula. The good news is that she now gets the poops out on her own, so we haven't had to use those glycerine suppositories in a while. Unfortunately, these pooping issues usually mean that she is grumpy during the day and/or at night.

Sometimes we're lucky and PK just lets out a little cry at night which is easily rectified by having one of us (usually the hubby) go up to her room and put her soother back in (she usually sleeps without it). On most nights, however, she'll wake up at least once, usually with a sopping wet diaper, and will only fall back asleep if we give her a bottle - usually 100ml will do the trick. I'm pretty convinced that all of this is the result of her diet changes, so I think we won't introduce any new foods for the next couple of weeks to see test out that theory and hopefully get a better night's sleep.

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