March 9, 2009

More Fun on Solids

Aside from PK's sleeping issues due to the introduction of solids (or so I think), the whole experience has been positive overall. Naturally, there are some foods that she doesn't really like. And, as I've mentioned before, every time we introduce a new food, she has trouble pooing. All things considered, I can count my blessings because at least there are foods that she will eat and absolutely loves!

PK continues to like her sweet potato/butternut squash/carrot purée mix. And I've finally gotten her to eat peas if I mix in a VERY small amount with the aforementioned purée.

Last week, I introduced mashed bananas. She HATED the mashed bananas. She hated bananas so much that even when my mom mixed a TEENY amount of mashed bananas in with her oatmeal, she flat out refused to eat it. I've also tried to mix them in with mashed avocado and apple purée. No dice. The funny thing is that the hubby hates bananas too, so I think that she has inherited this dislike for bananas from him. I really hope that she doesn't inherit any other food dislikes from him, because he's a VERY picky eater - no seafood (boo!), mushrooms, eggs, and bananas, to name a few.

I also introduced mashed avocadoes last week. I can't say that she totally hated it, but I don't think that it was her favorite thing in the world either. All I did was cut up an avocado and mash it. It was really pasty, and definitely pastier than what she's used to, so maybe the consistency got to her. I tried again with the aforementioned mashed banana and apple purée mix, and she really didn't go for that either. I'm guessing that the bananas were the deal-breaker.

Another food I tried to give her last week was a home-made apple/mango purée mix. I made sure that I bought a Red Delicious apple, since it's sweeter, and I bought an Ataulfo mango, which is also supposed to be sweet. I think I made about 6 little containers worth. Well, much to my surprise, she made the Renée Zelwegger sour face. I so wish that I'd gotten that on camera. She totally scrunched up her face and looked at us with disgust. She took maybe 3 more spoonfuls before she caught on to the fact that this food was awful. I tried it myself and sure enough, it was REALLY REALLY sour. I really like sour foods, but I guess that sort of thing doesn't tickle her fancy. Too bad. I guess it just goes to show that I should try PK's food before serving it to her.

Since my lovely apple/mango purée was not well-received, I had the hubby buy some jarred puréed apples. Her first go at it was so-so. She ate it all, but not nearly with enough gusto as she does for her sweet potato/butternut squash/carrot purée. The next time we gave it to her, however, she jumped for it! Another winner!!! My next goal is to try to make my own apple purée - hopefully one that's actually sweet, and not sour.

The lastest food we introduced to PK was potato leek soup. We actually bought the soup for ourselves over the weekend while we were grocery shopping. They had samples of the soup at the supermarket and we got suckered into buying it. Tee hee. Anyway, we were having some for dinner yesterday and while getting PK's dinner together, I decided to pour some for her. I checked the ingredients and they seemed fine (all organic ingredients and no artificial crap), so I figured, why not. Much to my surprise, she really really liked the soup. Just to be sure, we fed it to her again today, and she totally went for it. That is, after she had a little hissy fit because she got way too excited over the fact that it was dinnertime.

I continue giving her cereal at lunchtime, though lately we've been giving her barley cereal instead of oatmeal. We introduced the barley cereal about a week ago, and surprisingly, she took to it. I'm glad, because now we can alternate between oatmeal and barley cereal to shake things up. I don't think I'm going to try rice cereal at all. Maybe I'll do that eventually, since at least it gives her some exposure to rice. I'll see.

As I mentioned in my previous post, we're probably going to cool it on introducing new foods to her for the time being so that it gives her digestive system some time to adjust to all of these changes. That and I'm hoping that these middle-of-the-night wakeups will stop for a bit. I can dream, can't I?


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the mango/apple was sour -- must've been the mango! I think little baby tastebuds are a lot more sensitive than ours are, so if you thought it was sour, it was probably even moreso for her. Apparently the sense of taste gets duller and duller with age. (Which might explain why my Opa's cheese would get stinkier the older he got -- he said so himself!)

Try Golden Delicious apples -- they're sweet and they cook well. My personal favourite munching apple is the Gala because it's sweet and crispy, but crispiness doesn't matter too much when you're cooking and pureeing. :) When Jade got older, I used to throw a few chunks of apple into a bowl with some water and nuke for 20 or 30 seconds to soften. Easy peasy and she loved it.

You can add some water to the avocado (or bananas if you try them again down the road) to get a consistency PK can handle. The soup sounds yummy!

IndyComp0T1 said...

Yup, I'm pretty sure that the mango was the culprit, because I tried the apples before we cooked them, and they were just fine. Thanks for the suggestion on the apples, BTW. I'll be sure to try the Golden Delicious ones.

The soup is friggin' awesome. It tastes good, and all I have to do is heat and serve. I'm pretty psyched to try other soups from that line.