March 9, 2009

No Thanks, I'd Rather Stand

Over the last few weeks, PK has gotten really good at sitting on her own. She's gotten very good at reaching out and grabbing toys near her while sitting. She can play for minutes at a time on her own in a seated position. All I have to do is put a bunch of pillows around her in case she falls and I can sit back and relax (somewhat) while she plays on her own.

The thing is, most of the time, PK would much rather stand than sit. When I try to put her in a seated position on her playmat, she straightens out her entire body, as if to say, "No thanks, I'd rather stand." And sometimes from a seated position she'll purposely fall back so that when I prop her up again, she straightens her body and gets me to put her in a standing positon. She likes to practice standing on her playmat, which has two arches that she uses for support. She can hold herself up really well, and can even stand with just one hand used for support. I find it quite an impressive feat for such a little person.

Her other favorite standing trick is when I have her stand in her crib, near the corner. At the foot of the crib she has Baby Einstein aquarium which she absolutely loves. She really enjoys standing in front of the aquarium and holding onto it for support. She also likes to try to move over from the foot of the crib to the side of the crib with some fancy fast hand work. She doesn't do it perfectly and oftentimes loses her balance, but she is successful at making the back-and-forth transition part of the time. What's cool about it is that she's the one who came up with this little trick. I think that someday she'll make a great little rock climber!

Although I find PK's love for standing to be more tiring compared to when she sits - I always need to be spotting her in case she loses her balance - it makes me happy to see how much she enjoys it. I call it her happy place. As she stands, she squeals with delight and babbles away. She doesn't ever display this much gusto when she's sitting. I'm convinced that all this standing practice is actually encouraging speech development.

Her newest endeavor is to try to stand on her own with no support. She started doing this in the last week. The thing is that she ends up arching her back as she does this and falls straight back. I call it her Nestea Plunge move. I catch her as she does this, but I let her "fall" a short distance so that she realizes the consequences of losing her balance.

While she's great with switching her arms to keep her balance, she hasn't yet realized that she can move her feet to keep her from falling. We've now started working on trying to get her to use her feet by doing some walking practice. Basically it means that I alternate in pulling her body left-right as I hold her arms up. She doesn't seem to find this exercise quite as amusing! Slowly but surely, we'll get there!
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