March 14, 2009

Passport Photo

Last weekend we finally got off our asses and finally got around to getting PK's passport photo taken. I was surprised by how fast the whole process was. I've heard horror stories on how long it takes to get these things done. Fortunately, PK was in a great mood and was just fascinated by the photo store.

PK had her photo taken while standing, with me holding her up for support as she stood on a stool. I also had to keep her hands at her sides because she kept wanting to stick them in her mouth. I brought a toy along so that we could use it to distract her. It definitely came in handy, because she kept looking all around - EXCEPT in front of the camera. The hubby waved the toy in front of her, forcing her to look at the camera, and then...*snap*. All done.

PK's passport photo looks really cute. She's smiling. I hoped that the smiling wouldn't be an issue, since, she IS a baby after all, and it's hard to tell her what expression to make. Besides, the person taking the photo probably knew what she was doing, right??? Right...Well, this morning, I was filling out PK's passport application form, I read the following:

Facial expression must be neutral (not frowning or smiling)
with the mouth closed.

Crap!!! I KNEW it was too good to be true!!! I'm hoping that we can get the photo place to take the new passport photos for free, since they're the ones who goofed up. I'll be sure to print out that page of the passport application form. The problem is, how long will it be until we get around to dragging our asses to the photo place again? Arrgh...

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Anonymous said...

We've been doing the passport photo thing, too. We had to go and have Halia's redone (her shoulders weren't square enough) but at least the store we went to told us that they guaranteed their photos, so we knew we wouldn't have to pay. (Still have to go pick those up - argh.)

We paid a lot more at Photovision than we would have at Wal-Mart, but I tried their first and it was awful. (WM had a special camera that wouldn't take until about 3 seconds after hitting the shutter release, so of course both kids were NEVER in place when the picture took. AWFUL!)

The government is NOT AT ALL more lenient about baby pictures, so take the list of requirements with you.