March 25, 2009

PK's First Tooth!

We have just discovered PK's very first tooth popping out of her lower jaw (center right)! I was so excited when I saw it that I started crying (tears of joy). We found out about it quite by accident. PK was sitting on the hubby's lap after dinner tonight and pulled his finger into her mouth and bit on it. He thought he'd felt a little pointy bump on her lower jaw. Sure enough, I put my finger in there and felt that same little pointy bump. I then lifter her tongue (very difficult considering that she kept swishing it about), and there it was. A little white bump protruding from her gums.

That at least partially explains:
- Her sniffles (it may still be a cold too).
- Why she kept sticking out her tongue all the time for the past 3 days (she was feeling her gums/tooth).
- Her bad mood (kinda, sorta).
- Her red right cheek this afternoon.

While I'll totally miss that gummy old man smile, this is definitely a really exciting milestone! Time to get PK a toothbrush!
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