March 9, 2009

Seven Months Old!

Where did the last month go? I could've sworn that PK had turned six months old just yesterday! And that I first fed her solids just yesterday! I can't believe that it has been about 4 weeks of solids already. Crazy! Some highlights:

1. Standing
PK has gotten REALLY good at standing, and it's her favorite thing in the world.

2. Tummy Time
Still no dice here, though lately we've managed to get her to spend a teeny amount of time on her tummy. The good news is that she definitely has the upper-body strength to push herself up. She just chooses not to. I'm still pretty sure that she'll walk before she crawls, but she may surprise me yet. Sometimes while we practice standing, she spots a toy on the floor that she really wants, and almost gets into a crawling position. Except that she doesn't realize that she needs to support herself when she dives for a toy and ends up splat on her face (on a soft surface, so not so bad).

3. Rolling
PK has gotten really good at rolling onto both sides from her back. Usually the motivator for rolling over is when she spots her soother or a favorite toy. She sometimes even rolls onto her front, though there's always an arm in the way when she does that and she still hasn't quite figured out how to move it out of the way. One time, I went up to her room to check in on her while she napped, and was surprised to find her sleeping on her left side, with her right arm flung behind her back. I ended up moving the arm to her front so that it didn't end up falling asleep. I didn't want her to wake up freaked out over it or anything.

4. Sleep
She is still a fussy napper, but if I'm lucky, she gets in a 2-hour nap, which means that I can retreat to basement to work out, or read a book. I've started putting her down in her crib in her grobag and her Baby Einstein aquarium going to help her fall asleep, and just leave the room. I find that she gets better (and longer) sleeps when she's in her grobag. She's not always happy to be left in her room alone to fall asleep, but she does eventually fall asleep. It's easy to tell that she's tired - she rubs her eyes - so it's only a matter of time before she's overcome with fatigue. We still haven't managed to get her to fall asleep in her crib by herself, but we're getting close. I think part of the problem is that the hubby - who is in charge of putting her to bed - likes to have her fall asleep in his lap. I can't blame him - she's a very cuddly baby!

5. Talking
PK is still not into the "bababa" or "mamama" babbling that I keep reading about in baby books, but I think it's okay. I don't think that all babies do that quite yet anyway. She IS experimenting with different sounds. Her favorite thing in the world is to squeal. And I think that the squealing has gotten more high-pitched over time. It does a number on my ears! I do enjoy her squeals, though, because it means that she's happy. She's also really into sticking out her tongue and buzzing her lips. It's one of her favorite things to do while she stands. I find it just hillarous to watch. She also experiments with a few vowel sounds here and there. Mostly she just makes whatever sound she feels like making, and sticks to ones she finds to be fun.

6. Teeth
No sign of teeth yet. That's fine by me. I like that gummy old woman smile anyway. I find that teeth on babies actually look creepy! At the same time, I do look forward to her first teeth coming out.

I guess we're past the halfway mark now before I have to be at work full-time. And right now I'm pondering whether or not I even want to return to work part-time from May until August. Right now I'm leaning towards no. I rather enjoy this time off! Alas, that's a pondering for another day.


Anonymous said...

You're right. I mean wrong. I mean, I agree, didn't PK just turn six months old yesterday?!

I may be mistaken, but it sounds to me that you really keep an eye on the "schedule" of developmental milestones and work at helping PK reach the next one. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but I definitely wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Some babies learn to walk at 9 months, some at 15 months, but really, what's the advantage of learning sooner? (Actually, it just means more chasing! LOL)

I found that Jade started to be so much fun at around 6 months and every month it just got better and better (except for her not sleeping through the night anymore - ugh!) So I totally understand why you'd be torn about going back to work even part-time. It was hard to go back to work when she turned one -- I was having so much fun then!

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but when I first started my job in Whitehorse (and I was about 3 months pregnant) I considered staying home for just 6 months, too. But my boss and all the managers I spoke to (who had kids of their own) encouraged me to take the time to be at home because they're only babies once, and you only have that first baby once. Since it didn't seem anyone was pressuring me to go back to work, I took their advice.

Now, I know you enjoy your job a lot more than I did, and I also know you feel pressure in terms of advancement and competition in the workplace.

Before having kids I felt a lot of concern for how slowed down my career would be because of taking time off to be with them. And I think it really is an issue. I was inspired by the example of a good friend in Edmonton, though. She's now in her 60's. She raised four kids and then stated working when the youngest one was in school. By the time I met her about 15 years ago, she was quite a pillar both in her work and volunteer communities. She has four really awesome adult kids, a rock-solid relationship with her husband, and fulfilling work. If that isn't success, what is? It made me think that it was okay to take time away from work, I'll still be able to be successful.

This is practically turning into a blog post because even with all that, I do feel a strain being the on-call mom all the time and not doing anything to further myself. But I remind myself that I felt the same when Jade was a baby and the time passed relatively quickly... in retrospect. :)

Sorry for blathering on... I got started on a topic that's been on my mind!

IndyComp0T1 said...

I kind of keep an eye on the schedule of milestones, though I'm trying not to, because when she doesn't pass a milestone, I get really annoyed. Like I'm really annoyed that she still doesn't really pick up 2 objects at once, or that she doesn't even show any interest in being on her tummy. She may well skip crawling and go right to walking, but I kind of feel cheated out of the tummy experience. This makes me wonder if I did a crap-ass job with tummy time for PK.

It's nice to hear stories of moms who manage to have the career and raise nice kids. It's certainly inspirational. Though I have to be honest - I don't think that I could ever pull off waiting so many years to go back to work. I think it takes a certain personality to pull that off. Kudos to her though!