March 20, 2009

She Knows What She Wants

PK gets excited about food. REALLY excited. From a very young age, PK realized that putting a bib on her meant that a bottle would materialize soon thereafter. Oftentimes the mere sight of her bottle causes her to go into a frenzy. This has also transferred onto her solids. She gets particularly excited about cereal and apple sauce!

Today, our little munchkin took food excitement to the next level. This morning, PK had her soother in her mouth as we got ready to feed her her first bottle of the day. (Her soother has got to be her all-time favorite toy; however, the excitement over her soother pales in comparison to her excitement over her bottle.) When she caught site of her morning bottle, she turned her head, spat out her soother, and opened her mouth in anticipation of her bottle.

Ah, she cracks me up!
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