March 25, 2009

Sniffly Baby

PK has the sniffles. It started out as a mild annoyance to PK, but it only got really bad about three days ago. I'm knocking on wood as I say this, but it's only the second cold that PK has had since she was born. She caught her first cold about 2 or 3 weeks after she was born. I was sick with a cold when PK was born, and though it was pretty mild, it was REALLY contagious, having made its way to my mom, my sis, and the hubby. It was only a matter of time before PK got it. But I digress...

All things considered, PK catching this latest cold was only a matter of time. For one thing, there was ALWAYS someone sick in PK's music class, which INFURIATES me. The babies share toys and instruments in music class, so the place is pretty much a germ factory already. Add a sick baby and/or parent to the equation and you're pretty much guaranteed to pick something up. I remember one mom saying that her daughter kept her up the night before because of a cold. I also remember thinking how nice it was for her to take her sick baby to music class and potentially cause other parents similar misery. Arrrrgh!!!

PK wasn't in music class this week because I didn't want her spreading her germs to other babies (last week was March Break, so no classes).

As I was saying, the worst of it started about 3 days ago. That's when it really started bothering her at night. She'd fall asleep for the night just fine, but then would wake up at around 1 or 2am crying because of a stuffy nose. The two worst days were Friday night and Sunday night. The poor thing was inconsolable. On Friday night, she woke up screaming. The hubby, who is usually on nighttime duty, gave her a bottle, which calmed her down. Unfortunately, she started screaming again once the bottle was done. I lay in bed as I heard all of this transpiring through the monitor. And then, total silence. It was completely eerie. One minute, she's screaming her head off. The next, she's totally quiet. What the hell?

When the hubby came back into the bedroom, he told me that PK had been trying to reach for his ear after finishing the bottle, and out of desperation, he just let her grab it. Well, that was the clincher. She played with his ear for a few seconds, and then was out cold. Wow!

On Sunday night, same deal. The bottle only did so much to calm her down before she started screaming again. The hubby offered his ear, but unfortunately, PK got her little claws in a bit too deep and drew some blood. That did it for the hubby and he put her down in her crib as I dressed his battle wound. We lay in bed for maybe 20 or 30 minutes, listening to her crying.

I finally decided to try my hand at calming her down. I picked her up, holding her vertically, in the hopes of helping to unplug that nose. No dice. She kept pushing me away quite vigorously, as she cried and cried and cried.

I resorted to the aspirator. She HATES the aspirator (I don't know of a single baby who likes that thing), but at least it gets the excess snot out. It was a bit of a struggle - she pushed it away and turned her head this way and that - but I prevailed in the end. Then I picked her up and cradled her in my arms as I bounced her and danced around the room while I sang. It at least calmed her down enough to stop her crying. I sang to her in English, French, and Portuguese. My soothing music repertoire is limited, so I resorted to Beatles tunes: "Yesterday", "Blackbird", and "In My Life". Finally, her body went limp. I kept on singing while I put her back in her crib.

And then she opened her eyes. And pretty soon, her eyes were wide open, she was giggling, and flapping her arms. Damn! Back to square one. I picked her up again, singing the same songs. This time, as her body went limp, I kept on singing some more. Then I stopped singing and just kept bouncing and dancing for another 2 minutes. Then I stopped that and just stood there with her in my arms for another minute before putting her into her crib (I timed it as I looked at the big digital clock in her room). That did the trick. She was out. And just in time too! My arms felt like jelly, and so did my legs!

It took 40 minutes for me to calm her down, but in the end I prevailed and we at least got some sleep that night. Fortunately, that was the worst night of her cold and it now seems to be tapering off. The things we do for our children, eh?

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