March 17, 2009

Some People Just Don't Get It

The hubby and I were invited to a friend's surprise birthday dinner which is taking place next week. My friend's wife said that we could bring PK along if we'd like. I politely replied to her saying that we were able to get a babysitter (i.e. one of our sets of parents) for that evening, then both of us would be attending, and that otherwise, I would be flying solo. She replied back saying that I should just bring PK along with me.

I really really know that she meant well, but I really think that a lot of my friends sans kids really really don't get it. The dinner would be starting at 7:15pm. PK's bathtime routine starts at 7:30pm, and she's asleep by 8pm. I am a BIG believer in routines for babies. Establishing a good routine at a young age goes a long way and really teaches discipline, in my opinion. While I don't agree with my mom's style of parenting on many things (for one thing, I think that she was way too strict), I do agree with her that establishing a routine is of the utmost importance when kids are growing up. It helps to establish a basic set of rules, and sets the parent as a figure of authority. When I child is growing up, the parent HAS to be a figure of authority, like it or not. Sure, once the kid is older, the parent transitions into more of a friendship role, but before then, having an authoritative figure in one's life helps give some sort of guidance. I really don't understand how so many of my mommy friends go out to dinner with their babies in tow. And then they complain that their babies don't sleep through the night (and I'm talking technical definition of 5-6 hours straight at night).

Honestly, if you can't find someone to look after your baby at night, then you probably shouldn't be going out to begin with. When you have a kid, you also have to think about their well-being, Staying out late like that with a baby will just make them over-tired and cranky. That "me-me-me" mentality just doesn't cut it. It's a harsh reality, but it's true.

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