April 14, 2009

Chopped Liver

Well, it looks like I've been downgraded to chopped liver status. PK has decided that my mom and the hubby are waaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler than I am. Yesterday, for example, I was sitting in the kitchen giving PK a bottle at breakfast when my mom came into the house. As soon as PK heard my mom's voice, she STOPPED drinking her bottle and started shreiking with delight. PK LOVES her bottle, and there is NOTHING in this world that would keep her from her bottle. Except for my mom, apparently.

When the hubby comes home, PK gives him this great big grin, which she's always done. Nothing out of the ordinary there. But today, something new happened. We were playing with PK up in her room, when she fell over from a seated position. She started crying, and the hubby propped her back up in a seated position. She looked at him and extended her arms, asking him to pick her up. And when he picked her up, he gave her a hug! She never does that for me! Boo hoo. :(

I'm told that this behavior is due to the fact that she sees me for a big chunk of the day. My mom and the hubby, however, are novelties, so she actually looks forward to seeing them. I sure hope that that's the case, because I'm feeling pretty left out.

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