April 17, 2009

Eight-month Checkup

I took PK to the doctor on Thursday for an 8-month checkup (no shots, thank goodness). While PK eats like there's no tomorrow (3 meals which consist of a 160-ml bottle and 2-3 large courses), she is just below 25th-percentile on weight, weighing in at 7.125kg (just under 17lbs). Her length is still in the 75th-percentile, at 70cm.

The pediatrician didn't seem to be concerned about PK's weight given that both the hubby and I are skinny. I guess that PK is just destined to be dainty, which is fine by me!

We talked about PK's diet, speech development (she started saying "da...da..." and "deh...deh..." yesterday - so cool!), and motor skills. The pediatrician was quite impressed by the amount of food that PK eats at this point. While some of her little friends have 3-4tbsps of cereal, PK could easily have 6-7tbsps. Given how much she eats, it's surpising that she's just under 25th-percentile on weight.

As I've mentioned in a previous post, we're working on getting PK to both crawl and walk. She's got the walking thing somewhat figured out. She can move her legs, though her left leg is a bit iffier than the right. The doctor was pretty impressed by the fact that she's already "walking" assisted this early.

As for crawling, PK has figured out how to get on all fours from sitting and then onto her tummy. She started working on this last week, and does it quite gracefully now. There is no forward movement as yet, though I get the feeling that she's working on figuring out how to do an army crawl. Still, I think that she'll probably walk before she crawls.

And finally, the pediatrician made a very pleasant discovery today. PK's 2nd tooth has come in - her bottom (middle-ish) left tooth! On Thursday she was extra-drooly, had a rosy right cheek, and was chewing on her Sophie Giraffe, so I wonder if we have yet another tooth coming in.

Our next appointment is at 10 months. Thank goodness this next appointment doesn't involve any vaccinations either!
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