April 6, 2009

Eight Months Old!

Didn't I just celebrate PK's six-month birthday yesterday? And now as of today, she is eight months old! Where did the time go? Seriously!

A lot has happened in this last month, mostly in the last couple of weeks, even. First, we have PK's first tooth popping out. It started popping out about a week and a half ago. It's still a little stump, but slowly but surely, it's making its way out. In the meantime, we bought a little baby toothbrush to promote good oral hygiene. It's never to early! The "toothbrush" we bought PK looks more like a silicone thimble with little silicone bristles. Technically you're not supposed to use any toothpaste at this age, so I just brush the one tooth au naturel. At first PK was a bit suspicious of this foreign object in her mouth, but now she quite enjoys it. It totally makes her giggle! I think a second tooth is on its way out, though who knows how much longer that will be. She's started chomping on her toys using the left side of her mouth, and we've seen a bit of redness on her left cheek, so it may be popping out in the next couple of weeks. We'll see.

PK is currently working on both walking and crawling. She stands really well now. It's still her all-time favorite activity. She could go on for hours, if her little legs didn't give out on her. She continues experimenting with letting go of whatever she's holding on to, to see if she can stand on her own. She's managed to stand on her own for maybe a second or two so far, so it's a start! We've also started seeing some signs of assisted walking. She is now learning to move her legs while in a standing position (which sometimes causes her to lose her balance because she can't move them fast enough to regain stability), and we've even down some walking practice where she manages to get her little legs to move forward a bit.

Crawling may yet happen with our little munchkin. PK LOVES her soother, and will go through great lengths to grab it and put it in her mouth. If she sees her soother from a sitting position, she'll reach forward to grab it. I'm capitalizing on this love affair with her soother, and putting it just out of her reach. She has actually in the last couple of days managed to get on all fours, lower herself to her tummy on the floor, and grab the soother with her left hand. It looks like some sort of Yoga move! Most of the time, however, she launches herself from a seated position, falls flat on her face, giggless, rolls over to her side, and grabs her soother, looking pretty damned proud of her accomplishment. It's definitely an accomplishment, though a little unconventional. On a side note, if you want unconventional, there's this one little girl at storytime who scoots around REALLY fast by sitting on her little baby butt and using her legs to propel her. That kid gets quite a bit of speed!

On the talking front, PK is experimenting with lots of sounds. She still loves squealing, especially when she likes something or when she recognizes a song. She loves making motorboat sounds, and enjoys going "ha...ha...ha..." Yesterday she discovered the "beh!" sound, and said it a few times. She also makes some gurgling sounds that come from the back of her throat. They're pretty neat, and I wish that I could reproduce them!

And finally, food. Even though there are foods that she hates (see the rutabaga incident - yesterday's post), I still manage to get her to eat most things. To date, we've done:
- sweet potato
- butternut squash
- carrots
- potatoes
- mangoes
- apples
- pears
- plums
- yogurt (yes, I've succeeded in mixing plain yogurt with fruit purée!)
- barley cereal
- oatmeal cereal

I'm currently working on getting her to drink water. It kind of works if it put it in a bottle that previously contained some formula, and yesterday I re-introduced water from a spoon. She seems to like that, so I'll keep at it.

All in all, a very eventful month. My goals for next month are to work on the crawling and standing, and start some potty training. Some of her little friends have started pooping in the toilet, so it's obviously doable. It'll be a tough road ahead, but my goal is for PK to be diaperless by about one year of age. Wish me luck!

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Fawn said...

Michael usually brushes his teeth "au naturel". According to my MIL, who works in a dentist's office, it's really the brushing action that cleans the teeth, not the toothpaste. In fact, too much toothpaste can be damaging because of the scouring action. I like to use a little for the freshness, but we brush Jade's teeth without, since we'd have to buy her special sugar/sweetener-free stuff and she hasn't learned to spit properly yet. Chalk up another one for the marketers. ;)

P.S. My word verification is "balingl", which made me wonder -- do you ever speak Portuguese to PK?