April 6, 2009

The Great Carrier Adventure

Last Friday, it was raining A LOT. So much so, that I didn't think we'd be able to make it out to storytime. There are 6 steps leading up to my front door, and given the fact that to get PK out the door, I have to carry the stroller out, followed by PK, it would've been a complete mess in that rainy weather. But then I had a thought - why not take PK out in the carrier? Here was my plan:
- Take the backpack diaper bag instead of my regular messenger-style bag diaper bag
- Wear my Columbia ski jacket, zipped around PK so that she'd stay dry too
- Put her Robeez leather winter booties on to keep her feet dry
- Use my umbrella to keep us both dry

I packed the diaper backpack pretty light - a change pad, bottle, two 89ml jars of ready-to-serve formula, an emergency change of clothes, a bib, 4 diapers, baby wipes, and a spare soother. After all, we weren't going very far. Even though it was about 7 or 8C outside, I put PK in a pretty thin jacket, figuring that my ski jacket coupled with my body heat would keep her warm.

Unfortunately, we ran into a few problems.

1. My ski jacket didn't close too well around PK. I'm not a big person to begin with, so I should've figured. The jacket closed around her thigh, at best. So the front of the carrier ended up getting wet from the rain.

2. It was REALLY windy, and my umbrella busted. It still did the job, but it ended up a bit lop-sided. I ended up having to get a new umbrella yesterday as a result of this.

3. I REALLY REALLY underestimated how cold it was. I was nice and warm, but PK wasn't all that warm. Considering how cold her arms and legs were when we got to the library, I'm surprised that she didn't complain more. I really wished that I'd put her in a warmer jacket and warmer pants (maybe some tights underneath the pants would've done the trick).

4. PK isn't used to the carrier - at least not outdoors. I have her in the carrier indoors all the time during our semi-regular Singy Dancy Time where I sing and dance to YMCA, Elvis, and Beatles tunes. Lots of fun. Hanging out in the carrier in the rain with her arms stuck inside a jacket bared no resemblance to Singy Dancy Time, and PK knew it. She was kind of pissed. She started complaining about halfway there, but there was no turning back at this point in time. We were going to storytime, whether she wanted to or not.

5. I REALLY should've brought more formula with me. I always keep 4 89ml ready-to-serve jars of formula and one 250ml ready-to-serve can of formula in the diaper bag. I didn't think I'd run into any emergency situations, so I didn't pack the extras. PK always takes a bottle about halfway into storytime. So you can imagine how disappointed and panicked I was when I discovered that the tops didn't pop for EITHER jar of formula. Worse than that, PK had caught sight of her bottle and knew what was (supposed to be) coming. When she catches sight of her bottle, it's over. Feed her, or suffer her screaming wrath. I was beginning to think that I'd have to rush home to feed her. Fortunately, a nanny sitting beside me distracted PK while I frantically put her bottle away as I cursed under my breath. Also lucky for me was the fact that PK had had a HUGE-ASS breakfast - a 180ml bottle followed by 5 tbsp of oat cereal mixed with home-made apple/pineapple purée. So she wasn't REALLY hungry and was able to hold off until we got home. Whew!

So all in all, it was quite an adventure. It was definitely a learning experience for both of us. The good news is that I finally took the carrier out for a spin and it is definitely a viable option for getting around for A to B when the weather is nicer. I don't know about using the carrier for longer trips, but it's certainly a nice option for shorter trips, and definitely requires less prep time.


baby carrier backpacks said...

Going out with the little ones is always an adventure. We find our carriers do make the trips a little easier

Fawn said...

Well good for you for braving the elements! I think our babies' little appendages can get to feeling pretty cold before it REALLY bothers them. Maybe instead of ready-to-serve formula, you could just make up a bottle so that you know it's ready to go? ThAt way you could eliminate having to pack emergency jars.

Another thing to try in inclement weather, if you don't feel stupid doing it, is a light jacket on backwards so that PK gets covered. Or a blanket (which is what I usually do) which is especially nice if you can fix it in place so you don't have to hold it -- oooh, or a poncho! :)