April 30, 2009

Mealtime Madness, Part 1

Having children is like working with a moving target; just when you think you've got them figured out, they change the rules on you.

PK was overall a pretty good eater. Even when there was something she didn't really like, you could usually trick her by mixing it with something that she did like (e.g. mixing a veggie purée that she didn't like with some apple sauce). And sight of her bottle made her so excited that she started freaking out if we didn't get it to her quickly enough.

Then, last Friday, PK began to show some resistance with food. She did NOT want to eat her lunch. Thank goodness my mom was around to help out that day, because otherwise, I would've gone nuts. Every time we tried to feed her, she would block the spoon by rubbing her eyes, as if she was tired. Or she would grab the spoon and wave it around. Either way, she ended up with food all over her face, clothes, hair, and, of course, the high chair. We basically got her to eat by singing her favorite songs to her. When she both recognizes and likes a song, her face lights up, and, most importantly, her mouth opens. That was our chance to get food into her. Unfortunately, a few days later, this trick stopped working when she learned to smile with her mouth closed. Wiley little one, isn't she?

She's doing better on the food again, though I don't know for how much longer.

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