April 30, 2009

Mealtime Madness, Part 2

In our first instalment, we covered how PK was driving mommy mad with eating her food. In this instalment, we will cover how PK is driving mommy mad during ingestion of liquids.

First off, formula has fallen off its pedestal. While I can usually get her to finish her morning bottle and before-bed bottle (both smaller than they used to be), I do have trouble getting her to take her lunch and dinner bottles. Before, she'd finish a bottle plus a large meal (veggie purée, fruit, yogurt). Now, if I feed her a bottle to close to lunch or dinner, she won't eat well. Or, if I give her her lunch or dinner before her bottle, she'll take maybe 80ml out of a 160ml bottle.

It's good that she isn't so much into her bottle - it means that she's getting into the groove of this eating thing. Her bottles used to be meal replacements, so I'm guessing that she's not into her lunch and dinner bottles because lunch and dinner themselves are pretty filling. I am a bit concerned about her dislike for her bottle, however, because formula is pretty much the ONLY thing that she will drink. She does not drink water, and she does not drink juice. (As an aside, I tried to get her to drink water for weeks before I finally caved and tried the juice on her.) She doesn't like sippy cups (I have four different kinds), and she does not like drinking out of a straw (the pediatrician suggested that we try a straw). One sight of the sippy cup makes her push it away. She does, however, enjoy playing with it. Since I thought that the vessel was the problem for PK, I tried putting a small amount of juice in one of her bottles. I even tried covering up the juice so that she would think it was formula, thereby getting her to drink from the bottle. No dice. She really doesn't like the taste of this stuff. WTF???

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