April 5, 2009

The Parsnip Saga

Last week, I introduced PK to parsnips. I mixed them in with sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, and red lentils to make what I thought would be a yummy and nutricious puree.

It turns out that she didn't really like this partucular mixture. I don't blame her. After one day of storing it in the fridge, it was quite smelly. (As an aside, it didn't smell so bad after I'd finished cooking it.) She basically took 4 spoonfuls of the stuff before she decided that she'd have no more. So I tried a dirty trick; I offered her her soother, and when she opened her mouth, I shoved in a spoonful of the puree. This worked three more times before she caught on and wouldonly open her mouth a teeny bit only once the soother got a few millimeters from her mouth. Clever little girl! I certainly got a good laugh out of it!

So I tried my next dirty trick; I gave her a few spoonfuls of apple puree from a jar (one of her favorites) to regain her confidence in food, and then mixed subsequent spoonfuls of apple puree with my veggie puree. That did the trick! She ended up finishing off 90% of her veggie puree in this manner. Yay!

I'm happy to report that in using this trick, we've gone through most of my home-made puree. Whew!

Today, we were at the grocery store and I decided to buy more parsnips to try out a different recipe. It was then that I made an important discovery - the so-called parsnip that I thought I'd bought last week was no parsnip. It was a rutabaga! I shamefully admit that I had no idea what a parsnip looked like, and when I thought I'd bought one last week, the rutebagas had been mis-labelled as parsnips. I'd discovered my blunder when the rutebagas were properly labelled and the parsnip label was missing. I had to Google parsnips on my Blackberry to figure out what they looked like. For those who don't know, parsnips look like white-ish carrots.

Well, THAT explains why the puree was smelly and why she didn't particularly like it!
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Fawn said...

LOL! FWIW, I've found that rutabagas (and their cousin turnips) are very sweet when they've cooked in the broth of a stew. Yummy!