April 15, 2009

The Potty

I mentioned last week that I bought a potty for PK. I really really want her potty-trained by around age one, give or take. I know that this is both realistic and possible, since both my sis and I were potty-trained by age one. My mom said that she did it in about one week. Guess who will be helping me with this when the time comes? ;-)

Anyway, even though I don't plan on doing any hard-core potty training until a few months from now, I really wanted PK to get used to her new potty. So after I gave her a bottle last week, I plopped her on the potty. She likes sitting, so I thought it would be fine. Well, she FREAKED on me. It was if she were being drawn in quarters - that's how much she screamed when I put her on. I tried it again later, and same deal. My mom thinks that it's because it may be too early for her, and suggested that I maybe wait a little while before attempting this again. Otherwise, the potty might traumatize her, and then who know when she'd be potty-trained.

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