April 14, 2009

When Pigs Fly

I think that pigs are flying right now, because something completely unprecedented has happened - PK is actually spending time on her tummy out of her own free will! I kid you not! It started about a week ago. All of a sudden, quite out of the blue, PK started doing barrel rolls. She could roll onto her tummy before, but whenever she did that, she always had one arm stuck under her torso, which she either never bothered to move, or never figured out how to move. Well, now she knows how to move said arm, and can actually push herself up (a half-push-up, with just her torso pushed off the floor).

I have found her playing on her tummy on more than one occasion. While she doesn't stay there very long, the fact that the actually elects to be there is HUGE! I never thought I'd see the day! To add to this, PK can now go from sitting to being on her hands and knees for a brief moment before settling into a half-push-up position. How cool is that? Could this mean that she will actually crawl?

I've been working on this with her over the past week or so, usually using her soother as bait. We used to practice on top of my bed, because it provides her with a soft surface to fall on. Unfortunately, she realized this and started throwing herself forward so that she'd fall on her side or tummy and roll onto her back to get into position to get her soother. So we started practicing on the floor. Unfortunately, my floors are hardwood and PK was smart enough to realize that falling on these floors is more painful. This meant that she was more reluctant to go after objects. So I started practicing on her foam mat. It's a hard enough that she knows that she can't just fling herself forward to get her soother, but it's soft enough that she's not afraid of falling. Yay!

At the same time, we are practicing walking. She has finally figured out how to move her legs to propel herself forward. She does it very awkwardly, but is able to move forward. Interestingly enough, I can't get her to walk if I pull her arms up and hold her hands. She ends up looking up at me and giggling. So we've resorted to supporting her just below her armpits or by holding her arms out horizontally. That seems to do the trick. To add to the excitement, PK was actually able to stand on her own for a full 5 seconds today! It happened during music class, and I was so shocked. She hasn't been able to reproduce it, but I'm sure it'll come. Baby steps!

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