May 30, 2009

Brushing Teeth

These days, brushing PK's teeth can be quite a task. Gone are the days when she used to find her silicone thimble toothbrush amusing and ticklish. Nowadays, the sight of her toothbrush elicits some very dramatic close-mouthed moaning. The only way I can get her to open her mouth is if hold her toothbrush in one hand and her soother in the other. As a bring the soother towards PK's face, she opens her mouth, at which time I swoop in with the toothbrush and work as quickly as possible. Thank goodness PK only has her two bottom teeth for now!

Today, I tried a different tactic. I grabbed her toothbrush, and as I moved it toward PK's mouth, I started humming the "Jaws" theme song. PK found this EXTREMELY amusing, so I kept going. She found this so amusing that I managed to brush her teeth without any incident. Note to self: hum the "Jaws" theme song while brushing PK's teeth. Why didn't I think of that sooner???
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