May 21, 2009

Nine Months Old!

PK turned 9 months old just a little over two weeks ago. I can now say that she has spent more time on the "outside" than on the "inside"! (Sounds like I'm talking about a prison inmate, doesn't it?) Every time another month goes by, I can't help thinking how time has just flown by! I mean, over 9 months ago, PK was this teeny little baby who couldn't do much other than eat, cry, pee, and poop. And now, PK is blossoming into this independent little lady with a feisty personality.

Some highlights:

1. Crawling
While PK doesn't quite crawl, she has mastered dragging herself across the floor to get from point A to point B, and does it quite well, I might add - especially when there's motivation (i.e. soother or favorite toy). She has started being able to get on all fours for a few seconds. We'll see if that turns into full-on crawling in the coming weeks.

2. Walking
PK has mastered walking while holding onto mom (or dad's or grandma' get the point) hands. She's still pretty wobbly, but she knows that she needs to move her legs in order to get from point A to point B. She's gotten really good at traversing her playpen on her own, and right now we're working on getting her to walk while holding onto only one hand. She hasn't mastered standing on her own just yet, so she can only do this in short bursts.

3. Standing
PK has mastered standing with assistance for a long time, and has been able to stand while holding on with one hand for a few months. I've seen her stand unassisted for a few seconds, and whenever that happens, I always take such delight in it!

4. Up and Down
Last week, PK figured out how to sit own her own from a standing position in her playpen. It always catches me by surprise when she does it, especially when she does it on the floor, because of the big thud that accompanies it. How cool! She has also gotten pretty good at standing up from a seated position, though she seems to feel most comfortable doing it if she's pulling herself up while holding onto my fingers. I have seen her use my lap to get to a standing position - it's all about her having the right motivation.

5. Clapping
Last week, PK finally mastered clapping, after months of training! I think my mom, the hubby, and I have been working with her on this before she even turned 6 months old. She started doing it consistently last week, at my sister's graduation from medical school. Basically she started clapping whenever everyone else in the audience was clapping. How cool is that? And she also reacts to the various clapping songs that I've been singing to her all this time. I never thought that seeing my own baby clap would be so cool. I really can't get enough of it.

6. Chit-Chat
PK started saying "da-da-da" a week or two after she turned 8 months old. I have to say that I never knew that there were so many different ways to say "da". I've her her say "da", "deh", "daaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaah", "deh-deh", and I've even heard a "daddy" mixed in there too. She sometimes makes "ma-ma", "ba-ba", and "ta-ta" sounds, but those are few and far-between. Today the hubby told me that PK uttered her first sound sentence: "ba-ba-da-ga". Unfortunately, I missed this, because I was taking out the trash, which included some seriously poopy diapers. (No, we don't have a Green Bin because we live in a condo complex...stupid city of Toronto...)

That's it for now. I'm sure I'll have loads of updates at 10 months!

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