May 31, 2009

Sleeping In

One of the things I miss about Pre-PK-Life is sleeping in. (As an aside, I wouldn't trade my life with PK for anyrhing.) The hubby and I would often sleep in on weekends until 10 or 11am. To be fair, the hubby would have preferred to sleep in until noon or 1pm, but I have this constant urge to be productive during daylight hours.

Anyway, sleeping in is no longer an option with PK around, as she often wakes up every day between 7 and 8am. If we're lucky, she wakes up at 9am. I realize that 7 or 8am is still heaven to most parents, so I should be quite thankful, which I am. I'm told by my mother, for example, that I woke up at 5am EVERY DAY. Still, being able to sleep in is a nice option.

We do on occasion get the opportunity to sleep in on Sunday mornings when PK stays with one of our sets of parents overnight. The hubby takes full advantage of this while I seem to wake up at 8am whether I want to or not. Damned Daylight Savings Time!

Today, we had a rare treat. PK woke up at 7am. We were pooped, so the hubby went up and put some toys in her crib to distract her while we tried to sleep some more. She didn't like that, so we got up, changed her, and fed her breakfast. We then tried to get her to watch Sesame Street. She was totally hyper, so she wasn't at all into it. Then at 9:30am she started rubbing her eyes. She was pooped. And no wonder. No nap the day before (we were out with her all day and she wanted to take it all in), and a restless sleep last night. So we put her up in her room for a nap. She protested loudly for less than one minute, and then total silence. She was out cold. She slept for 2.5 hours, and so did we. We all woke up refreshed. Now I'm ready for the day!
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