June 10, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, we lowered PK's crib mattress. We'd already lowered her Pack 'n Play at around Easter time, because she was starting to be able to pull herself up to sitting from her back. We held off on lowering her crib mattress because it was still lower compared to her Pack 'n Play, and she hadn't shown any indication that she could pull herself up to sitting. I honestly don't quite know what made us eventually lower the crib, but I'm sure glad that we did. Last Sunday, she managed to sit up from being on her tummy (though she didn't repeat that yet). Also, she now traverses the perimeter of her crib quite quickly and easily, and I feel much better knowing that with the mattress being lower down, she won't be able to flip over the sides as easily.

Oh, how they grow so fast. The fun has only just begun!!!
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