June 30, 2009

Doing it All Backwards

While we were away on holiday, PK finally learned how to consistently go from lying on her back to a standing position in her Pack-n-Play. It basically involved her getting on all fours, vertically "crawling" up the side of the Pack-n-Play, and pushing with her legs to assume a standing position.

I suspected that after almost a week of doing this, she would be able to do a proper crawl if we put her on the floor at home. So we tried it yesterday, and, not surprisingly, she can crawl - PROPERLY! Not surprisingly, PK still prefers walking over crawling, and in fact cries when she crawls (she stops once she's walking). I'm really glad that PK is crawling, because it's an important skill for her to learn. It also makes her more independent with mobility as she becomes more comfortable with taking solo steps. I am relieved that she still prefers walking because, after all, people walk; they don't crawl. I do find it hillarious that PK took her first steps before she figured out this crawling thing. In fact, I LOVE it! That's what makes her so special and unique!
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