June 3, 2009


It's almost 10am and I am POOPED! After feeding PK her breakfast, I spent almost an hour running around her room, helping her walk. She has gotten really good at walking. When I help her with both hands, she flies across the room. When I hold onto just one hand, she's a bit more wobbly, but she gets to where she needs to go.

No matter what, PK does NOT like to sit down. She just wants to walk. And walk. And walk. And it's walking from one end of the room to the other, exploring every corner. She gets mad when she's sitting, because she's not walking. She'll sit for maybe a few seconds before she turns to me and climbs up my legs (while I'm seated) to get up. One really cute thing that she does when she wants me to walk her around is reach down for my hand, basically saying, "Mommy, help me walk!" Makes my heart melt!

Looks like my blogging time is up. PK has managed to drag herself across the room to me, and she wants up!
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