June 10, 2009

Sleep Training

Last week, we finally decided to have PK fall asleep on her own at bedtime. It all started because one night, as the hubby put PK to bed, she just wouldn't fall asleep. He was upstairs with her for an hour and every time he put her down in her crib, she just kept waking up screaming. At that point, we decided that it was time for us let PK fall asleep on her own at bedtime.

I honestly didn't think that this would be a huge deal. For one thing, PK falls asleep for her nap with no major issues. Sure, she cries for a bit, but it's probably no more than 5 minutes, since she's usually quite exausted when I put her down. Also, during the few times when I've been on bedtime duty, I would always put her down in her crib right after giving her a bottle. The hubby, on the other hand, just waited for PK to fall asleep in his lap before putting her down.

Anyway, back to sleep training. We've been at it for almost a week. There are good days and bad days. On an average day, she cries frantically for 30 minutes before finally settling down. On a good day, she'll fall asleep after about 5 minutes. This is usually the result of a napless day, whereby she collapses from sheer exhaustion. The worst we've had it was last week, when she cried for an hour. The hubby had gone into PK's room after 30 minutes to make sure that she hadn't gotten stuck in her crib. He was greeted by the foul stench of a gigantic poop. I guess she was so upset that she pooped herself! After having her diaper changed, she cried for another 30 minutes before settling down. What a ride!

Today she went down about 5 minutes after I left her room. She hadn't really napped all day, so I wasn't entirely surprised. That being said, she'd started freaking out during storytime. She's a smart cookie, you see. She now knows that once we put her into her Grobag, it's time for bed. So she starts freaking out by the time we get her onto daddy's lap for storytime (or mine, in today's case). And I'm talking frantic. She's so frantic that she won't sit through storytime, and she won't take a nighttime bottle. Though it's tempting to discontinue storytime until she gets used to her bedtime routine, I think I'll tough it out. It is, after all part of her bedtime routine. And once she's okay with going down by herself, she'll be into storytime again.

Until she gets used to falling asleep on her own, both the hubby and I must refrain from caving into those frantic cries from our dear sweet PK.
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