July 30, 2009

Potty-Training Update 2

PK's potty-training has had its ups and downs. My mom continues to work on it with PK while I'm at work, and I take over when I get home. Monday was a good potty-training day, with PK peeing in the potty twice! Tuesday, however, wasn't all that good - no potty pee.

I had PK on Wednesday, and as usual, I let her run around the basement in her bare bum. As usual, I ended up with a pee puddle a few minutes after I took off her diaper. And as usual, it was near the piano. Except that this time there was some pee on the beanbag chair too. Yuck. About twenty minutes later, there was another puddle, not too far from the first puddle.

The great accomplishment of the day came when I looked over to see PK straining. I quickly plunked her on the potty, and seconds later, there was poop in the potty. It looked and smelled nasty, but I congratulated PK and pointed to the poop in the potty. I don't think that she quite got it, but she will!

I kept trying to get her to pee in the potty, but to no avail. I got her to drink a fair bit of water, hoping that the pee would come soon. I kept putting her on the potty, and she kept getting up. I bribed her with toys and books, but she wouldn't stay on long enough to pee there. I guess it finally got to her, because she freaked out on me when I tried to give her some more water. So much so that I thought she was choking on it. I freaked out and picked her up off of the potty, hoping that she wouldn't pee on me. I put her down when she calmed down, and then came the pee. Since I wasn't holding her, I didn't get too much pee on me. I did get peed on, nonetheless.

After that, we called it a day. One bodily function out of two isn't bad. You win some, you lose some!


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