July 5, 2009

To Party or Not to Party

PK will be 11 months old tomottow. That means that PK will be celebrating her first birthday in about a month! Her first birthday is a HUGE deal, and I want a nice celebration. I will for sure be having a party for family, and a separate one for our friends. The question remains as to whether or not I'll be having a party for the mommy group crowd.

On the one hand, it would be nice for PK to have a party with her baby friends. On the other hand, hosting parents and babies is A LOT of work. Especially now. Most of the babies in the group are crawling, and some are even walking. That means CHAOS.

What about timing? How would I have time to plan 3 birthday parties? By then I'll be working full-time and the only time I'll have will be weekends. That means booking 3 weekends' worth of parties? A little insane. Especially since the hubby is planning my big 3-0 party for the end of August (since my 29th b-day last year was pretty low-key, I want a big b-day bash this year).

And then there's another thing - a number of babies in the group have had first birthday parties, and we've been snubbed from all but two. Who would I invite? I'm a little irritated by the snub, but at the same time, I don't particularly care for those moms anyway, so I suppose it's no biggie. I am somewhat close with a few of the moms from the group and they aren't going back to work so I could technically invite them on a weekday. But then I always feel as if I'm inviting them out somewhere and never being invited by them. Am I just analyzing this too much? The hubby would say yes to that. Tee hee...

Perhaps what I'll do is this: have her party on a Saturday morning for family, and then have friends over later that (early) evening. And as for my mommy friends, I may do a weekday thing on one of my off days while I'm still working part-time. That part will all depend on my mood. Decisions, decisions...ah, the fun of parenthood!
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Fawn said...

Personally, we really didn't make a big deal out of Jade's first birthday. Lucky for us, because she came down with her first ear infection that day. LOL Anyway, completely unimportant opinion is that three birthday parties is definitely insane. ;) The whole point is for *you* to enjoy the milestone, not to go crazy planning parties -- it's not like she's going to remember. Save the baby friends parties for when she'll remember them.