August 5, 2009


PK has gotten VERY chatty over the past few weeks. About one week before I started back at work, she FINALLY started saying "mamamamama". My mom, the hubby, and I had all been working very hard at getting her to say this. Before this major milestone, she was really into saying "dadada", and sometimes "bababa" or "vavava". She is still very much into saying "dadada", and I am very much impressed by the number of different inflections that she can come up with for "dadada". We have "DA!", "daaa-ahhh" (singing!), "dadada", and so on.

Next to "dadada", "mamama" is her second-favorite sound to make. And I think that she even says it sometimes to refer to me. My mom says that while I'm at work, she is constantly saying "mamama". She does that sometimes with me too, and it's very heart-warming to hear.

Besides being able to say "mamama", PK is also trying to say some words, like "duck" ("Duh! Duh!"), and "ball" ("Ba! Ba!", which degrades into "Da...da..."). My mom also taught her how to say "uh-oh", as a result of her oft-used expression around PK, "Uh-oh! Spaghetti Os!" (children of the '70s and '80s probably remember this one). It's totally cute to hear her repeat "uh-oh" when you say it to her. Another word we're working on is "up". My mom, the hubby, and I all say "up" to her whenever she holds up her hands to be picked up. She's finally getting there.

Some other words-in-progress are "water" (or "àgua" in Portuguese - we can't really tell which language she's trying to use for that one since the baby version sounds mangled). The other word is "Vovó", which is the Portuguese word for grandma. Right now it kind of sounds like "vava" when she DOES say it (which isn't too often).

Overall for communication, PK has gotten pretty good at gesturing. As I'd mentioned before, when she wants to be picked up, she stands right in front of your legs and puts her arms up. When she wants some food that's on the table, she kind of points to it and makes an "unnnn" sound. She has also started shaking her head when someone says "no" to her. I'm not really sure where she got this from, but I gather that when one of us says "no" to her, we must shake our heads at the same time. It's funny to realize what we do sub-consciously!

The most amusing thing that PK has been doing to date, is experimenting with different sounds. Right now she has discovered her raspy voice. This started mid-last week. She seriously sounds like that kid from "The Shining" who goes around screaming "REDRUM!", except that her version either sounds like a growl or a raspy rendition of "da". I must remember to get this on video, as I am sure that she'll get bored with this pretty soon.

It's so delightful to see PK's language skills developing, and I look forward to finding out what her real voice sounds like (though I may regret this once she starts talking back to me).
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Mr. Shiny and New said...

My daughter went through a few phases of sounds too. At one point we used to joke that she was speaking German, because the sounds were very thick-sounding (sorry, I don't know how to describe how German sounds). Then she started speaking tauntaun (nga-gung-nga-gung-nga!). Like PK she also learned some gestures, some of which must come from daycare.

Personally I love trying to talk to her in her language; sometimes I say "da boo da?" and she goes off on a little spiel of "b'da boo da boo da. Da boo da?"

I will miss it when she stops making silly sounds and only uses words. I can only hope that she says amusing things :)

IndyComp0T1 said...

I agree with you there. It's definitely cute to hear the baby talk. Isn't it amazing when they start making "sound sentences"? I too will miss the cute little baby sounds once they morph into actual words. I also tend to speak in her language sometimes. When she "replies" to me, it almost sounds like she's trying to tell me a story.