August 1, 2009

Daycare Transition #2

Yesterday (Friday) was daycare transition day #2. As you may recall from my first transition visit to the daycare, PK only stayed there for a relatively short time, and I was there the entire time. On Friday, we shook things up a bit. I dropped her off at daycare to spend a whole hour there without me. I was a little bit nervous about this. PK already gets a bit upset when my mom takes care of her while I'm at work. She behaves well enough, but she definitely notices that I'm not there. This time, she'd be in a completely unfamiliar setting. How would she react? Would she cry when I left? Would she even notice me leaving?

We arrived at the daycare just before 10am (we had a bit of trouble making it out the door today). I decided to take her in the carrier again. It made it easier for me to get out the door, and I wouldn't be a slave to the subway stops with the elevator (the stop closest to the daycare has no elevator). When we arrived at the daycare, I left some diapers and wipes with the caregivers, along with a sippy cup full of water, and said my goodbyes.

PK didn't really notice me leave, since she was too busy playing with a ball (she LOVES playing with balls). When I walked out the door, she stared at me for a bit, and then she was suddenly out of my field of view. While part of me was a bit sad that she didn't cry for me when I left, I was overall quite pleased at the same time. Hopefully it meant that she would have a good time.

I was away for about an hour, running some errands in the area. When I got back to the daycare, I heard a cry that I was pretty sure belonged to PK. Lo and behold, I was right. The poor little thing was in tears. The caregiver who was in the room with her told me that she was probably tired and hungry. While I'd brought a snack for her, I didn't leave it at the daycare. And the caregivers didn't want to put her down for a nap because they knew that I'd be picking her up soon. Fair enough. My bad on the snack thing.

From what I was told, PK did behave pretty well overall. She was walking all over the place and appeared to have had fun. She did get upset, however, when all of the other kids were drinking milk and she wasn't. While I'd brought some formula with me, I didn't leave it at the daycare. I figured that nowadays, she only has formula in the morning and in the evening, so I just left the sippy cup with water. I should've realized that when I kid sees other kids doing something, they want in. I guess the caregivers didn't want to give her any milk because they didn't know if I'd already introduced milk to her. It's a fair precaution. For all they knew, she could've been allergic to milk.

I also found out that her diaper hadn't been changed. While I had left diapers and wipes for her, the caregiver with whom I had left the diapers hadn't communicated this fact with the other caregivers, so nobody changed her diaper. I'm a bit surprised that they didn't change her anyway, but the only thing I could figure is that they were afraid that I'd be some crazy mom who ONLY wanted her kid to wear brand X of diapers and use brand Y of wipes. And on top of that, since I wouldn't be gone for very long, they didn't use their own diapers on her, figuring that I'd have some diapers with me. I'd like to think that that's probably what happened. At any rate, one of the caregivers changed her diaper before we left. PK was totally beat at this time, and I knew that she would fall asleep in the carrier in no time. Sure enough, she did. She slept for about an hour in the carrier while I walked home. I was exhausted by the time we got home, but I was relieved that she had gotten a little nap in.

Next up in the daycare transition, I'll be leaving her for a half day next week. I really hope that she does well. Regardless, I will make sure that I come prepared with diapers, wipes, a hat, a snack, a sippy cup, and, and a bottlle of formula. Look out daycare, here comes PK!

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