August 5, 2009

Losing the Potty War

Potty-training hasn't been going all that well for the past few days. Although I've had quite a bit of success in getting PK to poop in the potty, she still doesn't quite understand that that's what the potty is for. Also, my biggest difficulty right now is to try to get her to sit in the potty long enough to pee.

Since last Thursday, I managed to get PK to poop in the potty 3 days in a row. I could not, however, get her to pee in it anymore. She either peed on the floor, or peed in her diaper. She never sat on the potty long enough to pee in it, unfortunately. Lately, it appears that she has deemed the potty to be evil, and as a result, she holds it in until well after we put a diaper on her. I thought that maybe the potty was too uncomfortable for her. It was, after all, leaving a mark on her cute little baby bum-bum. So I went out and got yet ANOTHER potty (we have 3 different ones now); one with a padded seat. This potty is a bit higher than PK's usual basement potty, but she gets up on her own anyway and zips across the room. She has also decided that the seat cushion is lots of fun and keeps pulling it off. This potty also has a lid, and she takes great delight in opening and closing the lid.

I will keep up with the potty-training, but I must admit that I feel beat. I wish I could figure out how to keep her on the seat AND make her relaxed enough to pee in the potty. Out of desperation I tried putting "Finding Nemo" on the TV, but she doesn't really like TV, so that idea was a bust (though I must admit that I am relieved by this). Anyway, I'll kee it up. I'm bound to make some progress at some point...RIGHT???
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DS said...

Is she at the stage in development where she'll imitate? Like if you do something, will she try to do what you're doing? Just curious... not to suggest you should use the potty. But maybe a playmate who's already potty trained can show her how she uses it (it goes back to another blog entry on how she saw kids at the daycare doing things and she wanted to follow them). Any ways just a thought... I wont be able to relate until I have a kid of my own.

IndyComp0T1 said...

Most of her little friends aren't potty-trained yet (the common age for this is usually 2-3 years of age), and the daycare doesn't really try to help out until she's 18 months old. It's a logical thought though. One comforting thing is the fact that one of my friends who is also potty-training early had some initial success with her daughter, and then hit a wall. I guess that's just the way it rolls.