August 1, 2009

Oh, Crap!

Potty-training continues to have its ups and downs. PK still continues to pee on the floor (usually near the piano), and lately, I haven't been able to have her sit in the potty long enough to pee in it. All she wants to do is walk around. While I love the fact that PK is mobile, I hate the fact that she doesn't sit still in her potty. My usual bribes have not worked lately. My mom seems to get her to sit in the potty, and I wish I knew what her trick was. She says that she just sits PK down on the potty and makes "shhhhh" sounds to coax her into peeing. I've tried the same thing. PK finds this sound very amusing (and has even started imitating it), but not amusing enough to stay seated. At least not in the potty. She'll sometimes get up, walk a bit, then plop her bum on the floor, at which point I move her back to the potty. She then proceeds to get up, walk, and plop her bum on the floor. You get the picture.

Poops in the potty have been a bit more successful. I've managed to get PK to poop in the potty for three days in a row now. Each time has been after dinner. While she normally likes to take a poop in her high chair, her post-dinner poop of late has taken place about 20 minutes or so after dinner, which is when I've been doing the potty-training. Getting poop out of a potty isn't exactly fun (especially now that it's smelly turd - eeew), but at least if she gets the idea that the potty can be used for pooping (and peeing), then this will all be worth it.

At any rate, today, I got her to poop in the potty again. She was standing near the potty doing some grunting, and no sooner did I plunk her onto the potty than a poop did materialize inside said potty. Whew. I clapped and congratulated her, and showed her the poop in the potty. She tried to grab it. I intercepted, and she walked off. I grabbed some kleenex and threw the poop into the garbage. She was at the other end of the room when I heard some more grunting. So I went after her, lifting her by the armpits over, and plunked her on the potty. She got up, and started walking around. I proceeded to grab a Lysol wipe and wiped the inside of the potty from when she had the poop in there. All of a sudden, I started slipping on my right foot. I didn't need to look down to realize what I had stepped on. You guessed it - it was a (now squished) turd on the floor, from when I airlifted PK onto the potty following her second grunt. Clearly I didn't move quickly enough, because she did indeed have a mid-air poop. When I look back on this, I can't help but laugh, but at the time, I was COMPLETELY grossed out. There was smushed up poop on the floor and on my flip-flop (thank goodness I was wearing flip-flops), and a baby running around with a dirty bum. I quickly grabbed some Lysol wippes and started wiping down the floor. Thank goodness the floor wiped up easily. And so did my flip-flop. That was some bit of nasty. The hubby missed the entire incident (I'm sure he's grateful for that), because he was off vacuuming the house. Lucky bastard!

I guess I should consider myself lucky because at least I wasn't pooed on. I'm still waiting for that one to happen, however. After stepping on poop in the basement, there's not much else that can shock me when it comes to potty-training.

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