August 12, 2009

The Once-Over

Being back at the office has been an interesting experience so far. On the one hand, things seem pretty much the same. A few new people here and there, but it's pretty much status quo. The floor where I work is pretty big and I don't know everyone, and of those who I do know, few actually know that I'm back from mat-leave. Every so often, I'll run into someone that I know while I'm in the lunchroom heating up my food or something.

What I find funny about these co-worker encounters is that they're always pretty much the same. First, they are surprised to see me back. I guess maybe they thought that my maternal instinct would kick into overdrive and that I'd decide to stay home with the baby. The second thing that I notice is that they ALWAYS give me the once-over. I've noticed that the once-over normally comes from the ladies, though guys aren't immune either. I guess they want to see if I've managed to lose the preggo weight. I suppose I'd be doing the same myself, if I were in their place. It's still kind of funny to notice.

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