August 5, 2009

Party Time

I don't know how I pulled this off, but today I threw a birthday party for PK with a bunch of her little baby friends (her actual birthday is tomorrow). When I say a bunch, I mean with 7 other babies and their moms. It was PACKED! I have a nice little play area set up in the basement, so everyone hung out there. It worked out well because it kept the inevitable baby mess confined to one area.

All in all it was a very successful party. I think that the babies had fun, and so did the moms. Not all of the moms knew each other (I had a mix of mommy group moms plus some other moms that I knew from other parts), but I think they all got along pretty well. All of the babies except for two are walking, so it was very entertaining to see all of these little kids walking around like little drunk aliens. There is something so endearing about a walking baby. PK was walking up a storm, going this way and that. Stealing toys from anyone and everyone. The other babies did the same. I guess it's a baby thing. Of all the toys I had in the basement, however, the big crowd-pleasers were the balloons that the hubby had blown up for me the night before. I didn't realize how much babies enjoy balloons. Fortunately, none of the balloons popped while the babies were playing with them. Two of them popped while I was cleaning up, however. Thank goodness PK wasn't around to be startled by the popping.

At the party I served up some snacks and pizza for the grown-ups, and I baked some banana/oat cookies for the babies (recipe courtesy of Fawn). These cookies are great because they are soft and chewy, and contain only oats and bananas. That's IT. I don't think that all of the babies liked them, but PK sure did, and she's my #1 food critic. She liked these cookies so much that she kept trying to steal them from other babies to eat herself. Freaking hillarious to watch!

By the time we sang PK the birthday song, she was absolutely beat. I don't blame her. After an afternoon of running around stealing toys and food from other babies, I'd be pooped too. She didn't actually get to have any cake because I put PK down for a nap right after we cut the cake, but she'll definitely be having some tomorrow, on her actual birthday. By the time I came back downstairs from putting PK down, the other mommies were also getting ready to head out. I guess most of the babies follow more or less the same schedule and nap in the early afternoon. And even if they don't normally follow that schedule, I'm sure that a few hours of playing in the basement tired them out quite a bit.

Once our guests had left, cleanup wasn't too bad, since the mess had been confined to the basement. It only took me about an hour to clear everything up, so it wasn't bad at all. PK was still fast asleep, so I managed to get another 1.5 hours just to myself. I was pretty tired out after running around, up and down stairs, answering the door, getting food, and making sure that PK stayed out of trouble. It was a tiring day to say the least, but it was totally worth it. I'm really glad that everyone came over to share in PK's special day!

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