August 1, 2009

Walking Machine

PK is a walking machine these days. She has finally gotten over her fear of falling, and is bold enough to take steps on her own to get from point A to point B. I think that she quite likes it, because she can hold an object in each hand while walking. One important aspect to her getting over her fear of falling is that she has learned how to fall properly. Namely, when she loses her balance, she just flops down onto her bum. Also, I've noticed that if she falls forward, she knows to use her hands to break her fall. Not bad.

Since PK has done a LOT of walking over the past two months, she managed to completely trash the very cute Jack and Lily walking shoes that I bought her two months ago. As a result, we had to go out and buy her some new shoes last weekend. This time, we went for harder-soled shoes from a brand called Minibel. The Minibel shoes were deathly expensive (retailed for $72 plus tax), but luckily we caught some crazy sale and ended up paying only $45 after tax. Not bad for fancy French shoes. We clearly didn't know what we were getting into! While the new shoes took a little getting used to, PK does seem to enjoy them. She uses them only for outside walking, however. For inside walking, I just let her roam around in her bare feet. I hear that this is a good way for babies to improve on their walking.

And speaking of that walking interesting thing to note is that when a place is unfamiliar to PK, she still prefers to take my hand to walk around. Once she becomes more comfortable, she is able to take steps on her own. Once that happens, look out, because Babyzilla is on the prowl!

PK has definitely gotten VERY mobile in the last little while. She uses a combination of crawling and walking to move about. If she falls on the floor, she crawls to the nearest place that she can use to pull herself up to standing, and then off she goes. These days, she can easily walk from one end of her room to the other. She loves zipping around the basement, this way and that, and does the cutest thing when she walks. She puts both hands on her tummy while she walks, and makes an "mmmmm" sound. It's hillarious to watch.

She has lately become quite fascinated with stairs, and for a while there, I couldn't figure out why. Then my mom mentioned to me that she taught PK how to go up the stairs. There was an ulterior motive behind teaching PK this new skill. Namely, my mom is finding PK to be too heavy to carry up the 3 flights of stiars to her room, and decided to make things easier on her by teaching PK how to go up the stairs. Nothing wrong with that. I do find it hillarious though! I still haven't seen this stairclimbing in action, since I usually carry her up to her room. I did, however, notice that these days, whenever I carry her up to her room, she always wants down. At least now I know why. Little miss independence wants to climb the stairs by herself.

This newfound mobility is definitely a wonderful thing. PK is much happier because she knows that she can get to where she needs to go without my assistance. She's even starting to learn how to run. Right now it looks mor elike a fast, stumbly walk. She'll get this running thing down pat in no time, I'm sure. Of course, now that she's more mobile, I have to watch her like a hawk, because does does move pretty quickly.

When I think back to the day when she was born, where she couldn't do anything for herself, and I look at her now, almost a year later, she is so independent. I certainly miss the early days of her being all quiet and cuddly, but this is also a very exciting time for her. She is so curious about the world and so full of energy, and it is just wonderful to see her marvelling at everything in sight, and discovering all of the wonderful things around her.

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