September 1, 2009

Back from the Dead...Sort Of

I think I'm alive, but I can't be sure. Last week, all three of us fell ill. It first started with PK getting some goop in her eye about a week and a half ago. It wasn't pink eye, but her eyes had some sort of a greeny-yellow discharge. After a quick call to the pediatrician, we were advised to use Polysporin eyedrops in her eye. That went away pretty fast, but then she ended up developing a fever over the weekend of my birthday. She was over at my parents' place that Saturday night, and gave my parents a run for their money that night - a fever of 38C plus some vomiting. When I spoke with my parents the next day, I felt really guilty that I was enjoying myself while PK was completely miserable. The poor little thing!

Fortunately, PK recovered quickly. Unfortunately, the hubby fell ill on Saturday night, and I fell ill on Monday night. We kept PK home from daycare Monday through Wednesday even though she was feeling better, just to make sure that she recovered. The hubby and I alternated staying home with her. This proved to be really difficult because we were sick that week. REALLY sick. So looking after a baby while you feel like crap and want nothing more than to sleep the whole day is freaking hard. I had my mom to help me out a bit on the days when I stayed home, which was great. I don't know how I could've survived without her help. Even still, when she left for the day, I had to somehow find the energy to keep going.

PK was back at daycare on Thursday and I was back at work. But not for long. I got a call from the daycare while I was in the middle of a meeting that day. PK had a fever of 38C. So I rushed out of work and brought her home. I called the hubby and he rushed home too. PK's pediatrician was unavailable that day, so I took her to my family doctor. I turned out that she had developed an ear infection. Apparently, it is VERY common for a child to develop an ear infection after a cold. Her left ear was just a bit red inside, so the doctor was hesitant to prescribe any antibiotics. Especially since it could've been viral too. He told us to keep an eye on her over the next couple of days and to bring her back if it got worse.

That night, PK had a fever of 40.9C. Tempra brought her temperature back down, but we knew that she needed to see a doctor again the next morning. We both wound up taking sick days that day anyway, as we were both feeling like crap. It was hard to get out of bed to drag ourselves to the closest walk-in clinic for PK's sake when we were both feeling so bloody awful. Fortunately, we were seen right away at the walk-in clinic in spite of the fact that there must have been 10 or so people ahead of us. I attribute it to PK's extreme cuteness. The triage nurses were all over her.

The doctor at the walk-in clinic confirmed that PK had an ear infection, and prescribed an antibiotic for PK. She suggested that we wait until the evening to see if PK's condition got worse before giving her the antibiotic. It was a reasonable course of action to take. I wasn't all that keen on pumping PK's body full of antibiotics, but I was also not happy with the fact that she'd had such a high fever the night before either. We waited until the afternoon until we ultimately decided to give PK the antibiotics. I'm sure glad we did. Her fever persisted for at least another day before the antibiotics kicked in.

Giving PK the antibiotics has proven to be a difficult task. I can't imagine that this stuff tastes good. It looks like radioactive yellow goop. We need to administer it to her via a syringe that the pharmacist gave us. The hubby holds her down while I get to give her the antibiotic. We've got a pretty good system now, and she protests a little less now.

PK recovered from her ear infection about a day or two after she started on the antibiotic; however, we need to keep giving it to her for a total of 10 days. As for the hubby and me, we are finally on the road to recovery. The hubby started feeling better on Saturday and was able to entertain PK for most of the weekend while I passed out on the couch. We were both back at work on Monday. I'm still not 100% - I continue to hack up a lung periodically, but at least I have enough energy to do work. Unfortunately, I seem to have developed pink eye. I have no idea how I got it, and I'm totally miffed that I can't wear my contacts until this thing clears up. Although PK never showed any signs of having had pink eye, I'm sure that I somehow got it from her.

I guess we were kind of lucky that PK didn't get sick at daycare until two weeks in. I have to admit, however, that if her first daycare illness was this painful for all of us, I fear the illnesses that will inevitably follow.

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Fawn said...

6-12 illnesses in the first year of either daycare or school is the figure a doctor friend of mine quoted me. Cheerful news, hunh? But at least it eventually gets better. :)

All the kids I know LOVE taking antibiotics; it's chock-full of sugar. Funny PK didn't like it! Maybe she doesn't have a sweet tooth.

I guess you already feed her a lot of yogurt so you don't have to worry too much of trying to re-establish the good bacteria in PK's little gut. I'm all about taking the full course of anti-biotics so as not to create drug-resistant strains, but one time an overzealous doctor prescribed a dose WAYYYYYYY too strong to Michael and even though he *didn't* finish it, it killed EVERYTHING in his digestive tract and then he had to be put on another medication to fix it. The next doctor who saw him couldn't believe the strength of the dosage the first doc gave him. It sucks when you aren't familiar with the doc.

What a long story. Sorry about that. :)