September 14, 2009

Brought to You by the Letter "S"

Potty-training PK has become increasingly difficult. Between trying to find the time in the evening to do it and the fact that someone learned to hold in her pee, it has been a challenge. We've been able to get her to pee in the potty a couple of times in the past two or three weeks, but on the most part, it has been a dud. Either she waits until we put her diaper on her to pee, or she ends up peeing all over the basement floor after she can't hold it in any longer.

The last peeing accident took place on Saturday. PK was standing in front of her book case, when all of a sudden, I saw a spray of pee go EVERYWHERE. It was multi-directional. It went on the floor, her foam playmat, and on her book-case. I had to quickly clean her up, slap on a diaper, and put her upstairs in her playpen while I cleaned up the mess (armed with paper towels and Lysol wipes).

This was already part two of the double-whammy of the day. Earlier that day, PK had pooped on her foam playmat. I was pretty disappointed not because she pooped on the floor, but because I didn't clue into the fact that her grunting meant that she was trying to poop. I should've known better. Aside from that, I did find the location of her poop to be quite hilarious. You see, PK's foam playmat has the letters of the alphabet, and she so happened to poop on the letter "S" (as in the swearword for poop).

Just the day before, she had also pooped on her foam playmat, and again I hadn't picked up on the grunting. This one was funny because she was on all fours while she was pooping. And speaking of pooping on the floor, she also partially pooped on the floor on Sunday as well. I was happily taking some photos of PK standing with her wooden pushcart, when suddenly, she started to grunt. This time, I clued in, and I lifted her up to plunk her down onto her potty. She did end up pooping in the potty, but not before three little poop balls exited her little bum mid-air and bounced on the floor. After her partial potty poop, I tried getting her to pee in her Baby Bjorn potty, since I hadn't cleaned up her Safety 1st potty (the one with the poop in it). Unfortunately, the Baby Bjorn potty has an oval-shaped seat (the other one is round), which means that there is a gap between PK and the front of the potty. This means that when she DOES sit in this potty, she has this tendency of grabbing her blocks and stacking rings that are nearby and putting them in the potty WHILE sitting! Arrrrrrrrgh!

In spite of these minor setbacks, we have had some successes too. A couple of weeks ago, when the hubby was home sick with PK, he told me that she actually tried to climb onto the potty when she wanted to poop. This happened twice (not in my presence, unfortunately). Although it hasn't happened again, I'm sure it will. PK seems to be in the habit of doing something once, then not doing it for several weeks before finally repeating it consistently. I'm hoping that this applies to wanting to poop in the potty.

And the coolest potty-training success took place just last week, when PK actually peed in the toilet. When we get her up in the morning on weekdays, we usually plunk her onto her Bumbo toilet seat while feeding her some yogurt and formula. We started doing this because there were a couple of times while feeding her that she pooped (in her diaper). We figured that if she ever does decide to poop while we feed her in the morning, it might as well be in the toilet (we don't have a potty up in her room). While we have yet to get a toilet poop, we did have a pee in the toilet one day last week. And it was a BIG pee too! Since then, we've gotten a few little morning tinkles. Still, better than nothing!

I have to admit that sometimes I feel pretty defeated by this potty-training thing, especially since it takes up a chunk of my evenings with PK. I should feel somewhat happy in the fact that PK has learned to hold in her pee. It IS, after all, a big part of potty-training. She just needs to understand that she should hold in her pee UNTIL she sits on the potty. That's the challenge. Onwards, I suppose!

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