September 4, 2009

From Bad to Worse

By the end of today, I felt like crap. The fever had returned. My body felt stiff. My throat was killing. I dragged myself out of work at 5pm to pick up PK. At least she's had a good day. She was still on antibiotics, so I'd left them there at the daycare for her 3pm dose. At the end of the day, I asked for the bottle back, as she'd need a dose for tonight.

After they searched and searched, it was discovered that PK's antibiotics had been sent home with another girl (thank goodness there wasn't a mix-up when administering the medication). The office admin quickly called up the girl's dad at home and made arrangements with him (grudgingly) for him to drop off PK's meds at the daycare. That meant a 30 to 40-minute wait. Just great when you feel like crap and need to entertain an over-tired and super-hyper baby.

The meds finally arrived about 30 minutes later, thank goodness. The little girl's father looked pissed that he had to drive back to the daycare. You'd think that he'd be worried that his daughter's antibiotics were at daycare over a long weekend.

By the time we left the daycare, I was about to pass out and PK was getting pretty restless. Thank goodness I had the stroller today, because trying to get home with PK in the carrier and feeling this crappy would've been a challenge.

When I got home I fed PK dinner and when the hubby got back home from grocery shopping, I went for a long shower. After the shower, some Tylenol, some hot tea, and dinner, I feel much better. Still, this definitely appears to be a flu, so for my sake and for my family's sake, I'll be hauling my butt over to a walk-in clinic on Saturday.

I really hope that thing goes away soon. I can't take much more of this abuse of my immune system.
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