September 29, 2009


It's been over a year since I've posted on PK-isms, and things have sure changed since then! Here are a few highlights:

1. Windshield Wipers
We found out last Saturday that windshield wipers seriously freak her out!

2. Finding the Tickly Spot on Daddy's Feet
While we were cooking on Sunday, PK was roaming around in the kitchen and happened to find a ticklish spot on the hubby's feet. She found this so amusing that she kept coming back for more!

3. Metal Poles
PK LOVES grabbing onto metal poles. All metal poles are fair game, including subway poles and the upright lamp in her bedroom. She actually broke the upright lamp in her bedroom by jiggling it loose from the base.

4. Plastic Drink Bottles
I had to fill up an empty plastic bottle of iced tea with some water to put in her toybox. Forget her other toys. She things this toy is awesome.

5. Boxes
What kid doesn't like boxes? For her birthday, she got a wooden push-cart, and even after we assembled the cart, we kept the box because she thought it was so much fun.

6. Bellybuttons
She lifts mom or dad's shirts and starts playing with our bellybuttons. She also likes hers poking at hers too, especially in the bath.

7. Dancing
This girl LOVES to dance. And the funny thing is that she actually dances to the beat of the music. Her favorite thing to do is to bend her knees, bobbing up and down (typical kiddie dance style), while simultaneously bobbing her head and patting her tummy to the beat.

8. No
PK is totally into shaking her head to mean "no" (though as I've said before, "no" can mean yes about 5-10% of the time). And her new thing is waving her index finger around to mean "no" as well. I wonder if she picked this up at daycare?

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