September 29, 2009


I swear I'm the only parent who gets excited about new teeth. I think all other parents dread them, because of the fussing and discomfort that seems to accompany them. They're just so freaking cute! And speaking of teeth, referring back a previous post, it turned out that PK did indeed have new teeth. In the past couple of weeks, PK has sprouted three new teeth - two molars and one canine. The molars are on her lower jaw (one on each side), and the canine is on the upper-right jaw. The molars have certainly been a shock. After all, they usually seem to come in after say, the two top middle teeth (which, BTW, PK does NOT have). I've been told that when the molars pop in, it's a pretty hellish experience. I've heard stories of constant crying, no sleeping, fussy eating, and fever. We haven't really had much of that, and I am grateful for that (please please please let this be the trend). Aside from a slight fever, runny nose, and slight cough, PK has been a real trooper. The teeth are definitely bugging her, and she LOVES chomping on extra-crusty bread to soothe her sore gums. She'll sometimes chomp on her Sophie Giraffe, but the bread really does the trick.

Speaking of runny noses, PK woke up with a runny nose today. It's either the latest daycare cold, or it may be the next set of teeth. She was awfully drooly yesterday, so it might be the teeth. That and I could've sworn that I saw some white specs poking out of the gums on her uppper jaw. I guess it's a waiting game right now. If it IS a cold, I hope it passes quickly.

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