September 9, 2009

Thirteen Months Old!

The last month has been explosive on the development side for PK. She continues walking up a storm, and is very much on the verge of running. Although she has managed to get up by herself from sitting once, this wonderful feat hasn't been repeated since. I am convinced that she has the muscles and strength for it, but I think she feels more comfortable hanging onto something to pull herself up.

One of PK's newest achievements is putting things in boxes. I've tried teaching her before, but she would have none of it. I'd try showing her how to put blocks in a box, and she'd reach into the box and pull them out. I think she picked this skill up at daycare. Now the new passtime is pulling things out of boxes, and then putting them back in. Anything goes - blocks, stuffed animals, and stacking rings. One really funny thing she does now is that while sitting on her Baby Bjorn potty, she grabs things and sticks them in the potty. It's reasier to do with this potty because the potty is oval-shaped. Not so easy to do with the round seat of the Safety 1st potty.

As a related skill, she is also into giving things to people. Sometimes she takes things to an extreme and gets mad if she tries to give you something and you don't take it. Or in another case when she pulls food out of her mouth and hands it to you. If it were anybody else's kid, I'd be grossed out. With my kid, it's endearing.

Another thing PK's into right now is playing with stacking rings. I was working on that one for a while with her. I was pleasantly surpised last week when PK just suddenly got it. Now she finds this activity positively entertaining. I'm also working with her on putting shape balocks into their corresponding holes. She knows how it's supposed to work, but she mostly needs assistance to line up the shape in the hole. Sometime she gets it right, and she knows it too. She gets very excited!

A couple of days ago, PK discovered the light bulb. Now, whenever we turn a light on in a room, she gets all excited. A couple of days ago, she even learned how to turn on a light switch -
Her final exciting skill of the month is pointing. The pointing thing was very cute at first, but it can sometimes get a bit frustrating. She has decided that pointing and talking are mutually-exclusive. This means that now that she's into pointing, there is no attempt to try to talk. Also, the pointing is usually accompanied by "uhn!" Because PK makes no attempt to talk while pointing, trying to figure out WHAT she's pointing at involves some guesswork. The kid has really good eyes and she sometimes spots far-off objects that she points at, and it takes us a while to figure out what it is. Even when she is within walking distance to the object of desire, PK prefers to sit (or stand) and point to the object while we try to figure out what it is she wants. I think she does this on purpose and actually enjoys seeing us scramble around to get whatever it is that she wants.

Part of me is a worried about PK's language development skills, but then again, she has always been weird around that area. She'll go through bursts of "chattiness", only to go silent. She'll discover new sounds and make these new sounds until she gets tired of them, and then goes silent. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that PK has gone from trying to say a few words to preferring pointing over speaking. Then again, she's not totally mute. She still likes daying "da da da" and "mmmmmm". She is also really into making the "th" sound. I guess she just develops under her own terms. My strong-willed little girl! She will certainly be a force to be reckoned with!
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