September 17, 2009

U2 Concert

Today the hubby and I are going to see U2 in concert! I'm personally not a huge U2 fan (they've got some good songs, though I wasn't a huge fan of their new album), but the hubby sure is. I come for moral support. Plus, I have to admit that they put on a great show.

We bought the tickets a few months back, when they first went on sale. We had lots of time until the concert and just took it for granted that we'd be able to get the in-laws to babysit PK for us that night. Unfortunately, we asked them 2 weeks before the concert, but they had already made plans to be out-of-town that week. Did I mention that my in-laws are the most social retirees EVER?

Anyway, we scrambled to find someone else. I asked my sis and her hubby, and they said that they could watch her. And then 2 days before the concert, they had to cancel. So we were stuck with $250+ tickets and no babysitters. It looked like the hubby would have to find another companion for the concert. Then I thought of asking our friends Mark and Sarah. They LOVE kids. But it was also really short-notice. Fortunately they were able to come through for us. Mark worked nearby and would come right after work. Sarah would come by at around 8pm.

PK was a little shy of Mark at first. She sensed that something was up and was extra-clingy. It probably didn't help that PK has TWO new molars coming in on her lower jaw. At any rate, she did eventually warm up to him. The deal-maker for her was when he started reading her one of her French books. That did it for her.

The hubby left discretely while I hung around to give PK her bath. The concert started at 7pm, but there was an opening act scheduled for that time and the band would probably only start closer to 9pm anyway.

Sarah arrived just as I got ready to give PK her bath. She was great with PK from the start, so I knew that PK would be in good hands. I made a discrete exit myself after PK's bath. When I left, the three of them were happily playing up in PK's room, with her glockenspiel.

Life sure has changed since PK was born. Going to see a concert is certainly an entirely different experience! I can't wait to take her to her first concert!
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